Yellow, in Black & White

I recently took a jaunt into the woods with my photographer friend Allan, Adam, and C, the girlfriend of mine that did this to me, in order to take pictures for his “yellow” theme. This is the one that we did pictures for out in Vegas. I’ve got some super-cute images that came out of this day, (the more we are together, the more comfortable I feel in front of his camera, the more I feel able to relax, be silly, have FUN with being the object of his lens) but this one – with the yellow deliberately stripped from it – is one I find oddly compelling.

We’d been using the yellow rope again, and I wanted to capture a specific image. What I had in mind was quite a bit different than what came out of the session – and yet, in spite of it not quite working out the way I had envisioned, I found this one deeply compelling, maybe even disturbing?  It’s not at all what my original intent/theme was, but somehow, I am drawn to it. There is something darker, something mysterious and dangerous about it that I can’t look away from.

Watch for other, more lighthearted, images from that day to come.


  1. Mrs Fever

    This image could have come out of a macabre murder mystery. It’s sinister and malicious and somehow…void of feeling(?)…in a crime-scene kind of way. I think the fact that your face is covered makes the objectification/death factor even more emphatic.

    Very evocative photo.

    1. Jade Post author

      Once we got me completely up, I was only there for maybe 5-7 minutes. If we hadn’t been in a public space (right off a trail in full view of hikers) I think I could have stayed up longer, but I didn’t want to push people’s comfort zones too much lol.

  2. Molly

    Yep I am totally with you on the sinister nature of it. It is interesting how the light is catching the fabric and making it look like it could be plastic wrap. I absolutely love this shot



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