Yellow Rope

I’m exhausted, but can’t sleep. Had a long, really lovely weekend, unmarred by moodiness or angst (mine or anyone else’s in my vicinity), and featuring some good times with friends, with Viper, and with Adam. And even some enjoyable time on my own. Today (Sunday) quite unexpectedly, I wound up at a favorite local park of mine, tied up and hanging from a tree while my photographer friend Allan (that I have mentioned here, and shown some of the photos he’s taken of me), took pictures. It’s amazing what you can do right out in the open, if you’re a) fully dressed, and b) look like you’re “official,” doing a “photo shoot.” Which we were, though there were times I wasn’t always completely dressed (I had my boots and socks on, okay?) But most times I was in a lovely yellow dress or in a black tank and leggings, and occasionally shrouded in gold and red gauze.

But more on that when I can process some of the images Adam took while the real photog did his thing. For your edification now is an image that Viper and I took Friday night (enhanced by me.) We were practicing for the tree hang, which wasn’t working out so great, so we switched over to just tying me up for fun. Because, you know, tight bondage = fun for Jade.

I was…inordinately pleased that I could still manage a tight hogtie, and, frankly, loved it. I love rope. I can’t deny it, though, in some of the time after W passed I wanted to tell myself “I only did it for him,” but that’s not true. I like a good bondage scene just for the sake of being bound, and for the discomfort and pain and sometimes even anxiety it engenders. And I’ve loved nearly every time Viper has tied me, even when I haven’t been able to handle it long. He has a different touch, and a different way with the rope than W did, and I have finally come to a place where I am not comparing what he does to what W did, I am just in the moment with V, and that is more precious than one might image.

So that is the image above, from some of that play we did Friday night: truly just playing with the yellow rope.

Oh! The yellow! That’s the theme of a new coffee table book Allan will be making, based on – you guess it – the color yellow. I bought this yellow rope with the tree-hanging scene in mind, and which we used, but Friday night we also ended up using it for a lovely hogtie – the results of which you see above.

Happy Sinful Sunday, everyone!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Floss

    This is such a fab image. I love the yellow of the rope against the black and white, very cool. I suspect there are many cool images to come from your tree adventure, so I look forward to seeing them should you share some :)

  2. Mrs Fever

    The yellow is striking. Such a happy color for a hogtie! :) And the bright fun-ness of this photo reminds me why I want to learn how to process photos so that just one color pops.

    I’m glad to read you had such a good weekend. I’ll look forward to seeing the results of your tree shoot, if you choose to share them here.


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