Give it to Me Loud

For some reason, when I first saw the title of someone else’s post on this week’s Food for Thought Friday prompt (“Being Vocal” by submissy), my mind went straight to Viper telling me dirty stories – and making me tell him dirty stories – during sex. Then I thought about the way being talked to a certain way during play turns me on. And the way just a change in tone of voice can make me wet – or make me feel contrite. And I started getting all excited, because that’s what good writing and fantasies – even my own – does to me. Then I read the actual prompt, and I realized they weren’t talking about that at all – they are asking about the sounds you, and/or your partner(s), make during sex.

Ohhhhh! Well that’s a whole ‘nuther thing now, innit?

But maybe not so much. Lots of times the sounds I make are words; fuck, please, come, yes. These words are all part of my sexing vocabulary. But they are barely coherent, moaned, muttered, hardly verbalized, because they embarrass me to say them. Really I am thinking whole sentences, (“god, fuck me, fuck me please,” cum, oh god, cum in my ass,” “hurt me,” I want your cock,” “make me your little cum whore,”) but those few words are the only words I can say. And good god, never in any sentence form, because I’ll sound like a porn star, right? (“Oh baby, make me cum,” “fuck me baby, stick that big dick in my ass!”). Or worse, sound like I’m trying to be a porn star –  and failing.

What I do do naturally, is a lot of panting and “ahh-ing”. And when I come, I’m usually pretty vocal. I’ve even been known to scream a time or three. Conversely, I think it’s super hot when a hand is placed over my mouth in the middle of me being loud. Something about control, right? Even those sounds that I can’t really control.

As for sounds that my lovers make – I love hearing a lover moan, groan and sigh, especially when they are coming. I want to hear their pleasure ripped out of their body, to know they can’t hold back in the throes of their climax.

I also like words, and short, nasty phrases, or even less nasty ones, being moaned or growled during sex. Sometimes V, just as he is at the tipping point, will ask me, “Do you want me to come?” Typing those words now is enough to make me quiver. I don’t know why. But I love hearing them, and it then gives me permission to tell him or beg him to come inside of me – words that turn me on enormously, but whic I feel incapable of saying on my own.

I also like to be made to ask or beg to come myself.

Verbalising during BDSM-play is very different, and different for each scene. I don’t hold back when it hurts, although I am not (usually) a bellower. I’ll moan and groan, curse and yelp, and even scream if he hits me just right (usually with the single tail or the le gris.) I also hum when I am in a good pain groove, and I giggle and laugh. When I come in-scene, unless we are home, I generally try to hold back as much as possible. Orgasming in pubic has its own special triggers. So, conversely, being made to vocalize during those times is hot for me.

One last thought about verblizing during sex: I find it incredibly hot to listen to two people – preferably my two people – verbalizing while they are having sex next to me. The sounds of pleasure – how could it not be sexy and hot?


  1. missy

    I really enjoyed reading this Jade. It is always helpful to read about it from someone elses’s viewpoint and you have actually made me more determined to try as I can see that it would be really hot for the other person. I suppose it takes practice and, as you say, an element of letting go. I know what you mean about the porn star and when I have tried speaking we often end laughing because it sounds so ridiculous. Thank you also for linking to my post ????

  2. KeithI

    A great post Jade I thought you were supposed to be loud having sex fun. It reminds me of my son,he moved into a new flat and had a good time with his girlfriend she is very vocal. Next day a note was slipped under there door complaining of the noise. As my son don’t give a fuck about that sort of crap. He corrected the note as in school and have a 5- ,and pinned it on the main door. After that it was loud sex all the way with no stress. Keep up your fantastic blog Jade


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