Girls’ Weekend!

Heading to the Windy City this weekend for a girls’ weekend with a much-loved friend – who I haven’t seen in three years. We met at a kink event, and that is actually the only place we’ve  met in person – various kink events, and once for a week at my house. The rest of the time we have kept in touch – for, oh, about 7 years? – via Facebook and text. I know everyone (including me) decries how technology distances us from people, but in this case (and with many of my long-distance friends) it brings us – and keeps us – together.

Or at least in touch.

We have a big weekend planned. I arrive in Chicago at 8am tomorrow morning. Which means flying out at 7, which means I need to be at the airport at 6am latest. Which means I have to leave Viper’s house at…sheesh…5:15 am. Thinking thru all that, I’m not sure how I decided it was a good idea to stay here – I know we will keep each other up WAY too late. But here I am. Maybe I’ll have a sexy story to share, eh?

Once there, Ruby’ll pick me up and we’ll head to her friend’s house. We’ll get settled in there and have lunch, then head out to Sears Tower downtown. We’re doing the Skydeck and the Tilt:

Yeah, is that insane? But that’s how this whole thing started. She posted a clip to FB and sai , “Who wants to go?” I said, “Me!” and two months later, here we are. Or there we will be, tomorrow.

Then it’s off to dinner, and after dinner, to a BDSM club to attend a whip class by a friend of hers, then a play party! I can’t imagine I’ll do any pick-up play (I’m really BAD at that sort of thing), but just in case, I asked V for blanket permission. His reply: As long as it’s someone you KNOW you can trust (friend of a friend, etc.), and you can assure me that you are not doing it just because you have trouble saying no (feeling cornered/coerced or “talked into it”), and I have to text him immediately it’s over to let him know how I am.

I can definitely live within those boundaries.

It will be weird being in a scene-space without him, though. Maybe the first time since we first got together, the time I went to Ohio? Well, no, there was a swinger kink party at the lake one time since… I’ll have to wrack my brain about it, see if I can remember another time. Hmm…I’ve tried to get Ad to go to one of the monthly play parties, the one that happens the same night as V and his wife attend a different party, specifically by themselves, but it never works out, and I don’t think we’ve ever gone to the other local parties by ourselves. So yeah, this will be the first in a long time. Also the first time going to a kink event where I haven’t done some legwork online to see who might be there and who I might want to get to know. I’m a little nervous! But I’m sure it will work out fine – I’ll be with friends! (What a ninny I am, huh?)

Sunday we are spending the day at a “Korean Spa”…I’m not sure what that all entails, except lots of saunas and mineral water pools. Maybe a foot massage… And then I am back home Sunday night. A whirlwind trip! Ad is going to meet me at home Sunday night, and stay Sunday and Monday, since I won’t have seen him all weekend. And then…it’s my birthday week!

Okay, that’s all I got for now. I may write something salacious later, just because, but if not, have a great weekend!



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