Garden Glass

Last summer (wow, has it been that long ago?) I went to an exhibit at the Botanical Gardens called “Glass in the Garden.” I may have even written about it here, I can’t quite recall. The exhibit featured glass in the shapes of leaves, trees, flowers and all manner of growing things, placed strategically throughout the Garden, and then lit up at night. It was beautiful, and my pictures don’t do it justice. But I ran across the pictures today as I was searching for inspiration for the Sinful Sunday prompt, “Macro.” They inspired me to try a little garden glass of my own. Of course, my glass isn’t flower shaped. And doesn’t really belong in the garden. But I think it’s kind of pretty anyway. Don’t you?



Check out the rest of the Sunday Sinners getting all macro this Sunday!

Sinful Sunday


    1. Jade Post author

      You are definitely not reading to much into it. It is supposed to be an octopus tentacle…and yes, tentacle pron is a THING of mine. :-D

  1. Curvaceous Dee

    Gorgeous photo indeed (and I have the same tentacle, and adore it – how very worthy of the macro treatment it is!).

    xx Dee

  2. missy

    This is so beautiful. HL suggested using one of our glass pieces for this week but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I love your use of the flowers. It looks stunning :)


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