#ScavengerHunt Throwback Thursday – A New Series

Now that you all know about the genesis of the Scavenger Hunt, I feel like it’s time to start posting all the Scavenger Hunts that W and I (and oftentimes Ad) got, before W died, but that I’ve never posted.

It’s been…hell…three years since he passed? Sometimes it feels like yesterday. And honestly, it’s still so hard sometimes, to look at them. To remember.

But there are so many memories. There is so much joy. and I want to share that.

I have to post them. I want to post them. Not so much for the notches on my Scavenger Hunt list (though okay, I will admit that I like that as well) but because…

We did that. All those things. All the things his family would have denied. It was us, having fun, loving each other, thrilling to the challenge…

Enjoying life.

So. Here I am. I am going to start posting them on Thursdays – they will be my Throwback Thursdays. Maybe placing these images in a box will make them easier for me to post; giving them a theme that means I don’t have to delve into the memories to deeply, I don’t have to relive those moments in technicolor.

I can place them at arm’s length.

I don’t know. I’m rambling, I suppose. But there it is. And here this is. The first.

Throwback Thursday #ScavengerHunt: Lake

We’d gone together, us three, to MadTownKinkFest in Madison, Wisc. The day we left to drive home, I wanted to walk by the water (because WATER) and of course, I realized that we didn’t have “lake.”

So we got it.

It spite of a bazillion mosquitoes.

Also, Rope on the Run Bondage FTW.

Here, just because I am a shameless picture whore, a couple images from that event.



    1. Jade Post author

      No, that is the one you were at, I remember that you were there. I’ve read they are having some difficulty securing a venue for it this year. I hope not, I want to go again….

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