Scavenger Hunting at the Lake

More from my weekend with friends.

It was a much-needed respite, away from the city, into the woods, beside the lake. It’s a busy recreational lake, with an eclectic mix of over-the-top show houses, with yachts and all the toys of the super-rich, next to little family cottages with fishing boats and kids in inner tubes. My friends have worked hard on their little piece of paradise, and I am so very fortunate that they open their home and their hearts to me. I am a city girl – I’d wither away without my city life – but I am also a country girl inside, the one that grew up in a tiny town in the mountains, swimming in mountain lakes, riding horses in the woods – and dreaming of life in the city without understanding how much I needed the woods and quiet and open water.

I’m at peace there, in their quiet cove, in a way that I need.

It’s been two years since I was there last – too long. I hope to be able to spend more time there in future.

The friendship I share with them is a huge part of that as well. Occasional play partners, we have an inordinate amount of sexy fun.  But they mean more than just that to me. I love the play, don’t get me wrong, but I love the friendship, the ease and joy in our friendship, even more. I think these images hint a bit at that. They were very good sports in helping me snag a couple Scavenger Hunts that I was surprised were not listed.


I was surprised to see this wasn’t on the Scavenger Hunt list! Life Buoy/Lifesaver is there (snagged by the vivacious Molly and the audacious Modesty) but the kind of buoy that directs boats and ships to safe waters isn’t there.

Now it is. ;-)


Hammocks are sooo much fun! And especially ones that are possibly in view of the neighbors and the rest of the lake community…

Almost falling out…


Yeppers that’s the neighbor’s house.

And one more gratuitous pussy jewelry shot…

I mean, sunset on the lake shot…



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