Two Weeks-at-a-Glance

I started using a daily journaling app on my phone so I can quickly jot down what I do each day. Not journaling like here, but more bullet points to jog my memory. Or that I can refer back to when I’m struggling to remember what the heck I did last Thursday, or what happened on a certain play date (“Was that the time you made me push the ball around on the floor, or the time I had to roll the dice to see what implement you were going to use next?”) The cool thing is that it connects with my calendar, the gps on my phone, with Facebook and my photos app automatically. It has an activity feed that shows where I was when, and pulls in any FB posts or pictures I took, and then I review it, decide if I want to keep it, or at least use it to jog my oh-so-poor memory. I can then save anything I want to keep from there to my journal’s timeline. And it’s all automatic! I think I am going to love this app.

In addition to that, I’ve been using another app to record my moods & activities each day (good, ok, meh, bad, awful; am I with family, doing yoga, with V or Ad or both, watching a movie, etc.) I’ve been using this one quite awhile, and have noticed some interesting trends. A year ago, if I marked a day as “bad” or even “awful”, it was most likely one where I saw or had talks with V. We were going thru a rough patch; it was during “the troubles.” The days that were good with him were days we played. Nights when I was alone were also frequently bad. Days with Adam were invariably good. Days that I exercised, practiced yoga or walked or ran were always good, as were when I was socializing or doing activities with family or friends.

All that started changing around about March or April of this year. I have had only one bad day recently. There have been a couple meh days, but the big change is that the days I am with V have been good, and so have my nights by myself. We’ve made a lot of headway.

For this post, I thought it might be fun to look thru the app and post my last two-ish week’s activities, day-by-day. Why? Because I always think “I don’t have anything interesting to write about” from my day-to-day activities, and I’m hoping to prove myself wrong. So here we go!

Fri 7/13

My dress has pockets!


Overnight @ V’s. V picked me up at my house like a “real” date, and we went to see a movie outdoors on a giant screen in beautiful Forest Park. It turned out to be a poly date, because Ad was there with B, I was with V, we met our friends and their girlfriend along with my friend’s niece there, and even the Roommate showed up with her new beau. It was sweet and fun and not at all awkward, as far as I could tell. And my friend’s niece is amazing and fun and I already adore her, just like my friend.

Sat 7/14


A special day. V and I actually got to spend the whole morning and early afternoon together. We so seldom get to spend day time together, so I was thrilled! I met my daughter in the park for yoga, then he and his daughter showed up for the farmer’s market. I happily shopped for that night’s dinner (with Ad), prowling the stalls of goods, and would have looked at/tried a lot more, but unfortunately V and the child were a little overcome by the heat, so we headed back to my place to drop me off. That evening Ad & my pup-pup came over, and after we had a delicious dinner, we took the dog on a long walk  – and got caught in a downpour. This view is from a doorway the three of us huddled in during the worst of it. Poor Felix! He thought the world was ending (he hates getting wet, poor thing.) But Ad and I had fun.

Sun 7/15

Apparently Sunday the 15th did not exist because there is no record of it anywhere.

Mon 7/16

I spent ALL DAY on cruise discussion boards at work, because no work, and oh yeah – I booked Ad and I on a cruise in December!! Woot! 7 nights: Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and – here’s the surprise – Princess Cays Resort – which is on Eleuthera!!! I am beyond excited. I’ll explain why at some point, for those of you that haven’t been reading here long. Anyway, got home and Ad came over and we went out for pizza and talked cruise details. Lovely quiet day/night.

Tues 7/17

Out of the blue, V had me wear a buttplug while I was on my lunch hour over at the park, and then, under the cover of my sweater, play with myself while there. Apparently I was so flustered by this (it’s been a long time since we’ve played while I was working) that I forgot the EAK (Emergency Anal Kit) at work under my desk when I left work, so I had to turn around and go back to my office to get it (per V’s order) and then insert a bigger plug for the drive home as punishment for having left the EAK behind. Once home, I had a more normal night: I was home alone and took a good long walk, ending up at the little bar around the corner where I had street tacos and two super-strong margaritas, which resulted in me not getting anything useful done. But I was a happy kitty, and part of that was certainly because my Owner has really stepped up his “Owner” game, and has been much more demanding of his kitty’s obedience. This kitty is happiest when she is firmly in her Owner’s box.

Wed 7/18

This was this day.

Thurs 7/19

Per a change in the schedule, V and I spent Thurs night together instead of our usual Monday. He was at my house, which was fine, except I had a yoga practice till 7:30. Still, it worked out. We grocery shopped after he picked me up (just like a normal couple!)

Him: So what do you want to do?
Me: Let’s go to the grocery store!
Him: <blank stare>

We came home, made white Russians (that was why I wanted to go to the store, but since I was there anyway I did some regular food shopping too) then we made salad for dinner and cuddled on the couch and watched Netflix before retiring to bed, sex and sleep.

Fri 7/20

Two nights in a row with Viper, though this time at his house. His wife was home to stay with the child, so we had a date night! It was a fun juxtaposition to the night before. I think this was the night we had a discussion about collars, though, which topic made me sad (and, if I’m honest, envious of other submissives whose partners on the other side of the slash wants them to wear a collar.) This mood was not conducive to play or sex, though, which we’d both been looking forward to. V did throw me up in some rope though, whether I wanted it or not. But then I wasn’t able to stay up very long, and that made me feel even worse – obviously I’m not worthy of his collar if I can’t even manage an easy suspension. *sigh*

He *never* expresses things like this, it’s all on me and in me…but there it is.

Sat 7/21

We laid in bed and talked and cuddled for quite awhile the next morning. Then, just as I was getting ready to get out of bed, “Get Baldy and lock the door, kitty,” he said. I did as I was bid with a happy little skip, but instead of letting me climb atop his jutting cock, he instead pointed to the floor beside him. He turned Baldy on and had me kneel beside the bed with my head on his belly. “Just open your mouth, and don’t let one drop hit the sheets,” he said, then used Baldy to jack off into my mouth. My thighs were soaked with my own excitement by the time he came, and I was eagerly reaching for Baldy (not that he was going to let me use it) when his daughter knocked on the door. Way to break a mood! We laughed, and hastily covered up, and there was no time for anything else. Later that day, at home, I had to complete a penance for something I had done (or rather, not done), earlier in the week. So it was a large buttplug in and clover clamps on my nipples, Baldy pressed against my clit but NOT allowed to come while I sent him things in Slack (having to close the program and put my phone to sleep between each item.) But at the end – glorious release! I was allowed to come, while I pulled on the clamps and spasmed around the plug. And then, that night, Ad and I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Sun 7/22

Adam had to work, so I had all day Sunday to myself. Viper told me to send over a list of at least 6 tasks that I needed to complete. I had housecleaning planned, so I sent over quite a few more than 6. He instructed me that for every task I accomplished, I would have an increasing number of minutes edging, to end with – if I completed all 6 – 15 minutes edging and an orgasm. I could break up the edging minutes any way I chose. Well, I completed 8, but because I was on such a super-housecleaning-roll, I didn’t stop to edge, I just saved them up for the end. Have you ever used a power vibe like a hitachi on your clit for 15 mins, and not been able to come? Having to go up and up to the edge and then pussy-block yourself, over and over (it literally only takes about 3-5 minutes with Baldy when I am alone.) It was agonizing, and in the end, I couldn’t come at all! I ground that toy against my clit until it throbbed with pain, not pleasure, but my body would just not cooperate. It had been fooled too many times.

I slept fitfully that night (but satisfied that I had a super clean house!)

Mon, 7/23

V was at my house. We had a long conversation about scheduling for Aug. I was not thrilled about a couple things on the schedule, and voiced my dissatisfaction, but apparently it was the “proper” way to express my grievances, because V praised me the next day for it, telling me to remember what that conversation would have looked like a year ago. And he’s right. (more to come on that later.) At the end of the convo, he took me upstairs, and, as I was still a bit sulky, he proceeded to put me over his lap and used the lollipop on me while having me recite something specific over and over (for each whack) as reinforcement. It apparently worked, because I wasn’t sulky when I got done, and eagerly climbed on top of him when he beckoned me over (apparently he likes reinforcing his will upon me as much as I like him to.) Anyway, whether it was the position or simply my excitement, by the time we both came he was soaked in my juices.

He made me sleep in the wet spot.

Tues, July 24

Remember those two extra tasks that I completed on Sunday? I learned Monday that the “reward” for each one – successive minutes of edging – was not, in fact, optional after I had got to 6. Of course (especially with my super tender clit) I hadn’t done them. So Tuesday morning before work, Viper had me stand at the table in the dining room and count to 180 (for 180 seconds) while he thwacked me with a rattan cane, really fast. It was…something else! I went to work with a happy red ass.

That night was an interesting one too, a new twist on “poly night” for our polycule. Unexpectedly, E’s bf had to stay at their house, but since V and I had already had our night together, and he wanted some time with his daughter, he stayed home too. They took the spare room (“my” room when I am there), V had the master, and I was home alone. He and I had a nice long chat on the phone while we were both in bed, and…it was okay. I was happy at my place alone, whereas 6 months ago I would not have been. Oh I am still not happy happy about the fact that I am not allowed to see him extra nights, even if he is alone, but, hopefully, we are working through it. I didn’t especially want to see him anyway. I was really quite happy in my house and in my bed by myself! And he got some time alone and with his daughter, and E & S got the time and space they needed, so it was pretty much an unmitigated polycule success.

Wed, July 25

Oh baby….

Wednesday when I got home I had told V I had some gardening to do. He sent me out with an vibrating egg in my pussy. I had already had to take off my panties all day at work , and had had to pull my skirt up around my waist for the drive home, because I’d forgotten to Road ID.

Gardening with the egg was interesting. I admire women that can come with just that in their cunt. I can’t, and if I am not concentrating on it (like while I am pulling weeds) I can almost forget it’s there. Well, not forget. What it does is make me think about him, and why he’s making me do it, and when my attention is drawn to that, yes, I can start to feel aroused. It might also be effective in a situation that was more erotic, I don’t know. I do think I look pretty bad-ass, rocking that…thing-that-looks-like-a-cock lol.



And there we have it! Two-ish weeks. Huh. Maybe there is a bit to write about. Maybe I need to do a weekly digest! Hah.


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