A Strong BoobDay

So this is probably not your “normal” Boob Day image. But, hell, I’m not normal, am I. (Who is? What is? Who gets to decide these things?) But I am sharing it for Hy’s Friday is Boob Day meme because…well…I love my breasts here! I love their soft curves, their little round, pillow-y hillocks, even while every other part of me is straining. I love my nipples, tight little points that echo the strain of the rest of me. And I love the strength in this image – my strength, while still being…beautiful. Touchable.

Thank you, Hyacinth, for celebrating boobs in all their shapes and forms!

friday is boobday



  1. Mr. F. Grey

    Your plank is on point there Jade. You’ve been holding it for quite some time now OR I am just staring at you. ;) Love the photograph of strength and supportive words that describe your beauty, curves, and tight points.


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