June 30 – Every. Damn. Day.

Is it really the LAST day of June? The last day of this writing challenge? Like after a beloved book ends, I am feeling a little…bereft. How will I keep myself writing?

I really thought it would be harder than it was. I thought I’d have to fight myself to write every day. And yes, there were days when I simply had nothing to say, or I was too tired to “write” or my brain was in empty mode when I got home or the idea of getting on the computer was just too hard to contemplate. But still, except for a very few exceptions, I did it. I sat here and wrote something. And, I wrote at work, in between all the things, instead of taking a 10 minute smoke break (okay there isn’t anybody (that I know of) that takes smoke breaks in my office, including me) but you know what I mean. I wrote.

All month.




I’m kinda proud of myself.


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