June 28 – An Accounting

It’s not the end of the “Every Damn Day in June” challenge, but it is the end of my food challenge, and I am happy to say that I did pretty well. I wasn’t 100% by any means, but I was about 85 – 90%. It did make me stop and think about every food choice I made, and many, many times I made better decisions. Or, in certain specific cases, I chose to eat something that was on my list, knowing there would be consequences, but making that choice consciously, not just putting food in my mouth because it tastes good, and maybe trading off somewhere else. We’ll see how/if this new awareness  continues. I do know that without the aegis not to eat it, nightly ice cream will be a hard thing to resist.

One thing that was really hard for me was no fast food. I don’t like to cook more than a couple times a week, and never when I’m eating alone, so chicken sandwiches at the various places is my go-to dinner food when I’m home alone. I also have a hard time resisting fast food if I have not grocery shopped for lunches. That was especially hard this past week as well, and for instance today, because I didn’t have anything else I had a bag of wheat thins, a yogurt and some frozen veges for lunch. Kinda sucked.

On the whole I learned some things from this: yes, I can resist; yes, fruit is a pretty good late-afternoon snack when I get the munchies; no I don’t have to eat dessert or something sweet every night. So I think it was a worthwhile exercise.

Unfortunately I didn’t lose any weight throughout the month. Possibly not living up to my personal exercise challenge had something to do with it? But although I didn’t hit my minimum daily exercise, I have been much more active, doing actual exercises about three times a week, and walking 4 or 5 times a week – basically anywhere I can walk, I have been. But the exercises haven’t been cardio, so that’s maybe why it hasn’t translated to tangible results. Still, I feel a little stronger, even if it is just a placebo affect.

I had also started meeting my goal of rising earlier again, in fact I did it for about a week straight, and felt great about it, but the last three days have found me snuggling down in the covers until 30 mins before I have to leave again – not good.


There’s always tomorrow…

And now, I am off to get my 10 minutes of edging in so…woo-hoo! Tomorrow I get orgasms!!


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