June 27 – Writing Under Duress

I am beset with technical challenges. Tonight, while I tried to charge my external keyboard that I use with my tablet, I decided to use my laptop instead.

Have you ever been on your  computer while someone else, a technician maybe, took control for a few minutes? Yeah, it was like that. All of sudden my mouse is moving everywhere, windows are opening and closing in my browser, my mouse is completely out of my control. It was like a poltergeist in my computer. I have no idea what was going on. I typed out a panicky text to V (OMG what if Russians are using my computer to spread pro-Trump propaganda?? [I really can’t think of anything worse than that]) but he’s already abed, so I turned it off and am hoping it was just some weird fluke. Meanwhile, now I’m here laying in bed typing with an on-screen keyboard…not so conducive to thinking and expressing myself creatively.

Surprisingly I had two fiction stories in my head for the topic of “interest,” this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt. Nothing real life, but it inspired two scenarios in my mind that were working their way to story-form. Neither of which is going to see the light of day now. And for one, a story of a woman extracting retribution “with interest” on a male sex partner, it’s probably just as well. Apparently it is possible to say too many words here.

The other one was kind of sweet. It involved two of the people I sat in between at the bar last night. Well three, because there was a couple on one side and a single woman on the other. As I mentioned in my previous post, the couple were meeting maybe for the second or third time, maybe they’ve had a physical relationship before but it had been a while, and there was a lot of what felt to me like forced flirtation going on. And then of course I backtracked on that very judgemental way of thinking and decided what the hell let them have a little bit of fun and stop being such a judgybitch.

On the other side, and you’d have to see us to see how closely packed and we were, there was a woman by herself, of a certain age, very prettily dressed and made-up, who didn’t look like she belonged there at the bar at all. I became convinced early on that she was waiting for someone to meet her there. She glanced frequently at her phone, she looked around all the time like she was looking for someone. Who never showed up. It made me sad.

So in the story in my head, I had it be that the guy that was with the woman on my right was actually interested in the woman across from me, and was uncomfortable with the woman he had met. Or at least not attracted to her. But he didn’t know how to communicate that to the woman across from me, without seeming like a real asshole. And she was oblivious. So in the story it was up to me to apprise her of the situation in a way that would be both cute and entertaining and sweet. But of course the challenge would be not to make the situation be an uncomfortable one for The Other Woman, or to denigrate her in any way, because she was just another human being trying to make it in the world and make a connection and be happy, right?

Alas, we will never know how that budding romance turned out. Or how I, as the would-be cupid, ever managed to pull it off without having my hair pulled out by one or the other of the women. But that is the challenge of writing fiction for me. I can’t simply sit people down on paper and choreograph their lives. There’s a lot of how what when where why that the characters themselves have to answer.

Which okay, is all to say that no, I didn’t actually write anything for this prompt. But it was awfully fun to think about for a while.


  1. Elliott

    Well you know what? I liked this story too. I like your style as you write about you experiences and what you are thinking as to writing. I think you should give it a go with this story. I’d love to read it.

  2. ancilla ksst

    Going crazy once in a while is a regular feature of computers, isn’t it? If they aren’t doing weird things they are refusing to boot up at all. Mine is currently in the repair shop, I hope it can be fixed.

    1. Jade Post author

      Oh no! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I always dread when mine goes in the shop. I never know what they might stumble upon…

  3. John Brownstone

    If your laptop is a Dell that is a common occurrence with them. It even has a nickname; Dell Crazy mouse. You may want to try going to the website of your laptops MFR and download the most current drivers for your mouse. That usually fixes the problem.


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