June 23 – #SOSS – The First

I am so thoroughly enjoying writing again. Writing for writing’s sake. But I don’t kid myself for a minute that if I didn’t “have” to, that I would be writing every day. (Thank you, Hyacinth, for the kick in the ass!!) I do need a push to get started. Like a kid on a bicycle, right? Or maybe a better metaphor would be a stalled car that you need to push and pop the clutch on to get it going. Yeah, much more evocative image, and hell, truer to life. I’m closer to an old beater car than I am to an innocent child.

The other thing that has happened because I am writing more is that I am also reading others’ writings more. I have a few tried-and-true blogs I read, that come to me in my inbox, people I know or feel like I know because I have followed them for so long, but I seldom have time or the mental energy to find new bloggers to read. “Share Our Shit Saturday” has changed that for me.

An aside:To find out more about #SOSS, read Girl on the Net – Sex Blogger SOS. It’s what I believe is the origin of the…not really a meme (though it has that feel to it) but, I guess, a “tool” to get our writing out there, to share it with the world, in the wake of crackdowns everywhere on the internet (from “shadowbanning” to internet providers updating their TOS’ so that providers of adult content find it harder and harder to earn money from the content they produce.)

The 3 or 4 or 5 new blogs that I have started following are a direct result of #SOSS. I have also found new bloggers via the Wicked Wednesday meme hosted by Marie over at Rebel’s Notes. This past week, in fact, I found so many wonderful pieces of writing through both that I decided to post a #SOSS myself. Pass the love on, right?

My Release This piece of writing from submissy so perfectly encapsulates how I feel about V’s and my ongoing journey deeper into our D/s dynamic. I hinted at it in my post Thursday about avoiding conflict, and want to explore the idea further, but meantime, read this. I may never be able to articulate it so well.

A Victorian Role Play Okay, I said I wasn’t into role play. But…damn…if it was done like this? I think I could tolerate it. Or you know, love it. But then, I’ve always loved a good birching.

Lucy’s Face It’s been a long long time since I’ve been with another woman. I remember distinctly the last time I had my face between a woman’s thighs, even though almost everything else that night is a blur. How could I forget it when I love it so much? Reading this…makes me hot and kind of melancholy at the same time (a strange combination, right?) It makes me want a scene just like this. And it makes me long for something – someone – I can no longer have.

Peace and Desire in the Eye of the Storm I am brand new to this blog, but already I am entranced by Ani’s journey. This post is an old one, and not written by her, but by a close friend and ex-lover of hers. It is a beautiful and thoughtful rumination on the nature of desire and self-sacrifice and their role in submission. There are quite a few things in this I want to revisit later. Oh, and I found that one through a new-to-meme called the Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Blog Challenge. It’s too late to sign up for it, but I might just participate anyway after Every Damn Day in June is over, and I definitely want to keep an eye on it for next year.

Okay, folks, go forth, read some good stuff, and share, share, share!



  1. Elliott

    I enjoy reading your posts, Jade, and enjoyed your first list, always fun to see what people like and find someone I didn’t know about.

  2. Jaime

    Thank you for enjoying the post!

    I know, about missing a situation, or person. But never despair: there are new situations, and new people out there, waiting to happen to you.


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