June 17 – The Heat is a Vampire

The end of another weekend. I like my job, so it’s not dread that I feel about going in tomorrow (I’ve been in that job before) but I am…weary. I wish I could just stay home. Why don’t I have a life where I don’t have to work 8-5??

(Don’t answer; stupid question.)

It’s been a good weekend. Full of good poly time, good time with V, good time with Ad. Got a few house things done, some walking done, some talking and cooking and brunching and enjoying life done. But it’s been so damned hot it feels like any kind of movement at all saps my energy and my will to move or engage. Every movement might be my last for awhile as I recup from the heat.

Ad has been over since Saturday (two days in a row!) and it’s been mostly nice. Sometimes it’s been frustrating. Like the roommate, he doesn’t always offer to pitch in when things need doing. He does them if I ask him to, but he’s not one who sees a person struggling to get something done and offers to help. Is that a learned behavior? I don’t remember ever being taught to do that. It just seems natural to offer to help out.

Viper and his wife are moving this coming weekend. It’s been a stressful time for everyone as they’ve sold their house and bought the new one, but it looks like it will all be wrapped up sometime next week. Except then there is the settling in period, and V is not known for his ability to adapt to changes well, so…it could get interesting (read: painful for everyone in his vicinity.)  He seems super positive about the change, though, and seems to think it will have a really positive affect on our relationship. I am cautiously optimistic. Things have been going well, but there’s always room for it all to get fucked up.

Wow, that didn’t sound very optimistic, did it?

Anyway. I’m only writing because it’s Every Damn Day and I said I was going to. I wish I had more bandwidth to write something scintillating and sexy, or at least thoughtful and interesting, but I don’t. The heat really has sucked it all out of me.

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