June 13 – This is why…

I started this post about roleplay days ago. Three to be exact. Inspired by another blogger’s writing, then driven to read every other post on the topic, I am marooned here for the moment, half-writing, half-cooking this post. This is why it takes me 2-3 days to really write a blog post. I need to time to ponder, time to ruminate, time to research and then formulate my thoughts on the topic. I can’t just belt this out in ten minutes, or an hour, or a day.

But neither can I allow myself to feel that time is open-ended, because without a deadline, I will let a thought, or a feeling, or a topic, molder on until its timeliness is gone, and it no longer means anything. I’m struggling a bit with this; if I take off my rose-colored glasses, I recall that I had the same issues before, when I wrote K&P, although then I think the challenge was I had too much to write about, and often they were picture posts that took a lot of time to edit and compose, and just not enough time to write it all out before the next thing was happening. Mostly, now, it’s about the thoughts in my head, with a little bit of kink thrown in there, but those thoughts take a lot of grooming before they end up here.

Anyway. I’m workng on a post for Kink of the Week, a meme I used to run – founded actually – before W passed. After… Well. There was after. I am eternally grateful to Molly for taking it over and growing it. I think it’s a valuable resource. BUT. I’m working on it! Meanwhile, please, head on over there to read what others have said on the topic…

Kink of the Week: RolePlay

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