June 12

I missed yesterday, obviously. I’m going to give myself a mulligan on this one though: there was so much going on at the conference, and I worked through it all, a full 13 hours, most of it on my feet. Even the awards banquet & reception was work. By the time threw myself into bed I was desperately wiped out. But not too wiped out to claim my “reward” ogasm for eating right the night before. Viper had sent me a video called “Restrained Cocksucker,” and I confess to getting quite turned on by the woman’s plight. The fact that V texted me the link with the note that he, too, had come to the video moments before, fueled my desire to stay awake long enough to orgasm. And then, oddly enough, I was wide awake and sorry that I had had to miss dessert at the banquet (I had to do updates to our website on the awards winners as they were announced.) So instead, I called room service and had them deliver me a brownie. Turned out that it was a $14 brownie, but heck, I deserved it!

So now here I am, sitting in the Admiral’s Club at LAX. A surprise and a treat to travel with one of our journalists, a friend of mine, and one of our ethicists, who has a company-paid Admiral’s Club membership and took us in. Have you ever been in one? Dayum, talk about the all-star treatmembment! Also, although I would have thought it would get on my nerves having to tak with people all day while we travel, it’s actully been enjoyable getting to know them both. In fact I also had that expereince during our communication team’s dinner. The night of the dinner, in fact, I was pretty peopled out and begged off going to the welcome reception we threw for registrants (my coworker teased about missing out on meeting Martin Sheen, who was at the event.) But I just couldn’t handle any more small talk and noise, so took a nap in my room instead. But two hours later, when it was time to catch the ferry to Coronado Island, I made myself get up and go.

And am I glad! It was a loooong dinner, maybe two hours, but it was so much fun, such great company, and the ferry ride was just at sunset over the bay. San Diego was beautiful from the restaurant too, her lights sparkling across the water. I’d have been so mad if I’d let myself miss it.

I met my coworker’s wife for the first time there. She was lovely, and we really got along. I told him that I’d enjoy it if we all got together socially outside of work some time, and he was very enthusiastic. But then I remembered that I don’t know what he has told her about me, and if she knows about my lifestyle if she will still want to spend time together (he doesn’t seem to care about my strange life.) I don’t relish rejection though, if she is turned off by it.

Vanilla friendships can be such tricky things.


    1. Jade Post author

      Thanks Elliot! It was a good time, for all that it was work. I am privileged to work with a great group of folks.


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