June 10

I’m writing but I’m really not writing. This is just to fulfill the terms of my agreement to complete the challenge. My day:

  • standing for 5 solid hours doing not-my-job that I was voluntold to do
  • talking talking talking to strangers
  • talking more
  • turns out I’m good at it, but fuck it’s exhausting
  • sticking with my food challenge til dinner time; choosing to go off it for coconut crisp shrimp and chocolate lava cake. I only had about two bites of each, but it will be worth the buttplug later
  • hearing about Adam having dates and adventures of which I’m not a part of. I’m happy about that. I wonder if I’d be happy if V was.
  • having really good discussion with two women from my office at dinner
  • Some amazing photos
  • my back hurts
  • my people meter is over full

And now, bedtime.

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