And another challenge

This time, my own – the challenge I feel to write when I feel like I do right now.

I don’t like to write here when I feel like everything is shit. When I’m down, when it feels like nothing will work out right, I don’t want to pollute this space. Also, I am very aware that words I write here are not private. I always have to censor myself to a degree. And frankly, it’s hard to do when I feel like this. I have, in fact, written this post 3 or 4 times and deleted how and why I am feeling the way I am.

But it’s Every Damn Day, so here I am.

There was retail therapy this afternoon. I know, not a good way to deal with emotional distress. But I got some adorable dresses out of it. Of course it will cause more angst when the bills come due.

All to avoid how I am feeling.

I wish I could walk away from it all.

And this is what makes Every Damn Day such a  challenge. Because if I have to write every day, some of those writings are going to be just like this.


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