Every damn day, right?

I think I have more “profound” thoughts first thing in the AM, but my morning was spent making breakfast for V, getting a little whacking-at-my-request from him, and then seeing him off while I went outside to work in the yard before it got too hot. That was five hours and four garbage bins full of weeds ago. The backyard looks neater, if not green, because it’s never really had grass growing in it. But we have tiger lilies and I planted hostas, and now I have a raised bed full of vegetables that are actually growing. Like CRAZY. So I’m happy with my day’s labor. If a bit sore.

Adam just got here with soaker hoses, a splitter and a timer, too, to automate the watering process. And now we are looking at sod for a small, square piece of the yard. I’m not a big lawn lover, but I’d like a pocket lawn back there, rather than the bare dirt that’s there.

And of course the area in the front yard that I’ve been working on still needs doing, but that will have to wait, I suppose.

I wanted to head out to a friend’s pool for one of their Sunday Funday parties this afternoon, but I’m getting quite a bit of enjoyment out of yardwork, so maybe I will stay home, work on the yard with Adam, and then cook dinner and have a night in. Yeah, some party animal I am.

Except then this happened.

By Adam! WITHOUT me asking, pushing, hinting or begging!

And after that, there was the sex. mmmhhhmmm

And then, rather than cooking, we both wanted to take a walk, so there was a long, leisurely walk across the park to a local joint for pizza and drinks, a game of cribbage, and a longer walk back, pokemon-ing and talking the whole way.

It was a good way to spend a Sunday.

There’s a part of me that wishes I could have even one day like this with V. That instead of having to go home, he could have stayed here, helped me in the yard, walked to dinner and back, without our time always being restricted to 7 pm – 7 am (or, in this case, 9:45 am). But, I’m grateful to have it at all with someone I care about. And besides, V would never survive that much time outdoors.

So it’s probably just as well.

This coming week is likely to be busy. I see V tomorrow night. Then I have Tues and Wed to get packed for my work trip next week. I leave at the butt-crack of dawn Saturday, and I am planning to stay at my mom’s with her Friday night because my dad’s going out of town, so I am hoping that Thurs V will be here so I can finish up packing without having to pack on Wednesday night to be out there Thurs, at work Friday, and traveling Sat-Tues.  It’s a long shot, as that doesn’t fit in others’ schedules, but it would be a hella lot more convenient for me, and would also, potentially, facilitate me seeing V next week after I get back, rather than the current situation. It’s all very tricky and convoluted, and I’ve been more than a little exasperated by the whole scheduling process. It’s a never-ending headache and point of contention.

So now I am curled up in bed. Did I mention being sore from gardening? Yeah, it’s a little more than that. A hot salt bath, a glass of whisky and a strong painkiller later, and I am curled up in bed, praying I can walk in the morning.


So…I know this was more than just an image for Sinful Sunday, but I also needed to do the writing for Every Damn Day in June, so hopefully it’s excused. Also, I tried to fit this in with the prompt (frankly I forgot about it until I popped over to the page!) but I just can’t. But lots of folks did! So go check out what they came up with…

Happy Sinful Sunday!



  1. Floss

    A few people have mentioned not going with the prompt and its always alongside a really great image. I’m sure we our all so distracted by your bottom that we forgot all about the prompt too :p

  2. Molly

    Your Sunday actually sounded really rather perfect. Impact play, sex, and walking to dinner…. I could totally go for that



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