More Challenges

Of the good kind, this time!

I stumbled across this post by Kayla Lords (ok it wasn’t a stumble, it was in my inbox, but I’ve been too busy to give my email more than a cursory glance this past week) and I said, “Aha! Just what I need! Another challenge…” “Every Damn Day in June” is a 30-day writing challenge created by the talented and voluptuous Hyacinth over at A Dissolute Life Means… If you don’t read her, you really should be. In short, she is challenging herself to write, as the name implies, every day in June, and she has invited the rest of us to join in. It doesn’t have to be novel-worthy, deep or a certain number of words – you just have to WRITE SOMETHING. So what the heck. I could use a little kick in the ass to get me motivated to get up before I have to rush out the door to work. Morning time used to be my time for musings. Let’s see if I can make it so again.

I had actually started TWO new challenges already for June: a brief exercise routine that I can do at home each morning – nothing too crazy, but just something to get my body moving, and, again, try to instill a habit in my life of exercise again; and a food challenge that I thought wouldn’t be too difficult, since I already don’t eat many of the things listed much anyway: no white bread, soda or juice, cookies, donuts, candy, ice cream, fast food or fried food, no chips, no potatoes, no chocolate. I also added a maximum of alcoholic beverages in a day. I figured ice cream would be my Achilles’s Heel.

I had actually started the food challenge 4 days ago. It has some added carrot-and-stick assistance to it, as V has created a reward system for achieving the daily challenge: one day = five minutes of edging (no orgasm), two days (in a row) = 10 minutes of edging, which builds up to the reward of an orgasm if I do three days in a row. Then it starts all over. The edging part is not actually a reward, but I have to get thru those days to get the actual reward.  I have only managed one of the first four days to do it, lol. But I have only been off by small things: one bite of potato one night after I’d cooked a Blue Apron recipe – I had to try it to see if I would make them again (I wouldn’t, but if I wasn’t doing the challenge I probably would have kept eating them), I ordered a vodka and seven another night, not even thinking about the soda (I don’t drink soda normally so it didn’t occur to me), and I had 3 drinks at a party last night. But still, I resisted chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, had a salad instead of a sandwich another day, ordered oatmeal instead of a scone at Starbucks (I don’t count Starbucks as fast food), had hardboiled eggs instead of eggs and toast another (it seems breakfast is my white bread challenge) and have cooked at home twice when I wanted to make my life easier by going through fast food. I’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far.

And here I am writing! As I said before when I tried to do something like this on my own, it might not be great writing or even very interesting, but I’m gonna give it a go!



  1. Marie Rebelle

    I am on a food challenge too, only allowing myself some things on the weekend. It sounds like what we do are more or less the same.
    Good luck with your challenges!

    Rebel xox


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