When even a massage doesn’t help.

This evening my massage therapist asked me what I’d like to get out of my massage, and I said, in complete honesty, please just take me out of my head. I had had a rough day on multiple fronts, not the least of which was my car – after I had driven it away from the mechanic, supposedly fixed – doing the same thing that had gotten it towed to the mechanics in the first place. Back to the drawing board.

There were other things, too, interpersonal things, relationship bullshit that I really think we should all just be beyond, and just general life crap.

Sometimes, really? I want to just say fuck it and walk away.

Unfortunately this tale doesn’t have a happy ending like, oh she was so amazing all my worries were massaged away! Nope, instead she chatted the entire massage. I’ve had her before and not had this problem…I REALLY don’t want to have to think in full sentences while I get a massage. I guess I should have said something, but how do you say, I don’t want to talk to you, please shut up!?


I’m proud of myself that I still went to the grocery store afterwards, tho, in spite of my less-than-stellar mood, to get ingredients for a dish to take to a party tomorrow night. A party that I now have no desire to attend. Funny how relationship crap can suck the life and joy right out of you, huh?

Of course I left the grocery with only half the ingredients I needed. Go me.

i did come home and cook food though, and it was delicious. And I didn’t over-indulge in alcohol, tho now, laying here in bed, I can’t imagine anything better that an alcohol-induced stupor.

That would take me out of my head, right? Better than that fucking massage.


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