And finally, Z

I know, I know, it’s been so long that ya’ll forgot I was still doing the alphabet. Sorry about that. Had a little technical difficulty with the photo upload. BUT! Here they are, at last, and here we are, at last, at the letter Z.

Z is for Zion

Zion National Park, that is. This park has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, I think since I lived in Salt Lake City, when my eldest was a toddler. I never got to go (got back together with his father and so of course my whole life fell apart again, but that’s an old, boring tale.) This tale has a lot more going for it. I am so sad we only had one day there, but eternally grateful that Adam knows me so damn well that he single-handedly made this little side jaunt from Vegas possible.

See, we’d gotten up the day before at 5am to go to Death Valley. Then we’d come back and did the whole Vegas nightlife thing and stayed out with everyone and partied it up that night, and by the time my alarm went off the next morning at 5am again, I rolled over in bed and said “Mmph ugh uh.” Which, translated, means, “I’m too fucking tired to get up, let’s stay in bed, the park will be there some other time when we come all the way out to this side of the world.” Adam got out of bed, brewed coffee, and said, “You’ve got 20 minutes, then you’re getting up.” I grumbled, I pissed, I moaned. But he didn’t let me stay in bed. “We ARE getting up and we ARE driving to Utah,” he said. “You can sleep all the way there if you need to. But I’m not letting you miss this.”

Later I stood in the Virgin River, staring up in awe at that amazing canyon, and said, “Thank you SO much for making me get up.” He nodded. “I knew you’d never forgive yourself if you slept in.” Such a simple thing to understand about a person – what truly matters to them. I really REALLY hadn’t wanted to get out of bed. But he knew my heart better than I did at that moment.

Here are a few pictures…that of course just can’t do the splendor of that place justice.

Thank you, Adam, for making it possible.



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