Moving along in the alphabet…

Sooo…I got as far as “U” before life intervened again and blogging fell by the wayside. I had actually written words up to “X” but just couldn’t find the time to edit images to go with them and actually get them posted. By now they feel outdated. So, maybe I will just do a wrap-up and leave it at that…

But seriously. This has been my life:

7 am – wake
8 – 5 am – work
6 – whenever – work on O & E’s house
9 or 10 pm – home to bed

This is the first evening I took off to do the things I need to do: plant my garden, spend time with Adam, think about something other than tasks and projects at O & E’s. It’s weird being this involved in the renovation, sale and purchase of homes that aren’t mine…that have been made very clear aren’t mine…


That’s another topic. I do what I do because it’s the right thing to do. It’s what I would do for anyone that I love. For family, by blood or biological. And the damn thing is that, regardless of if it’s ever truly appreciated, I love doing it. Both as a project and as a service for those I love.

I am going to try to wraps things up a a bit, so I can move forward.


I feel pretty good about how much writing the #AtoZBloggingChallenge generated out of me.

The topics I would have visited for each of the last letters is as follows:

V is for Vegas. I could have used “Viper,” but this whole blog is about him, so… <sheepish look>

I haven’t written or posted many pics of our trip, and I was going to post a bunch here, and I had time to finally edit some, so here goes… Vegas pics galore!

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W is for “What’s Next?”

It feels like kind of a lame lead-in, but I wanted to use it as a jumping off point to talk about all the positive changes happening in my little polycule. Adam is dating someone for the first time in 10 years(!). I’m excited and happy for him, and hope that his inertia doesn’t torpedo the relationship before it’s had a chance to come into its own. But this does, of course, mean some changes in the polycule’s dynamic, as it now means that he will have his own ideas, needs and wants when it comes to scheduling (as will she.) He has often been the one to change his plans to suit everyone else’s, and I love him for that flexibility – but I often feel guilty that it falls on him to do so so often. But while scheduling has frequently been a cause of friction in our group, it looks like there have been some positive changes there, too: one of the members of the polycule has stepped back (at least momentarily) from a rigid, inflexible position that caused everyone else to cater to his schedule, and may actually be realizing that his needs/wants are not the only ones.

X is for…X-Rated?
I feel happy with the sexiness, self-pleasure, and remote play that resulted from the #30DayOrgasmFun meme. I hope I find time (before life moves inexorably on) to write more about those times, but don’t hold your breath. You know how things are here.

Would I participate in either the A to Z Blogging Challenge or the 30  Day Orgasm Fun meme again?

Yes and maybe.

The writing prompts were really good for my writer head. The auto-erotocism of 30 days of self-pleasure? I’m not so sure. If I learned one thing from this, it’s that I really need another’s involvement. Preferably via commands, demands and tasks, as a top to my bottom, but at least with a very focused attention to the act. When I’ve tried this before (or something similar) with W, it didn’t quite pan out that way; neither did it with V this time. But it was a lot of fun, when it did work! So we shall see.


Okay, okay, I know I said I was going to finish up everything from Vegas to now, but I’ve been up writing, revising and editing this blog, as well as editing images, for hours. I gotta admit defeat, post what I got, and start again tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s another day! Right?!?

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