S, T, U…

OMG I have been running non-stop since the Thursday before last. The last update I made, as I sat poolside in Vegas, may have been the last moment I had to just sit and contemplate things until now, and even now I am sneaking in this writing while I am at work. So yeah, the #AtoZBloggingChallenge fell by the wayside — though I kept up (more or less) with my daily orgasms, which effort may be chronicled here in future if I ever get time to do so. BUT…since I still have one day left in April, I thought I’d try to fill in the alphabet gaps between the letter R and the letter Z in one extended blog post.

Just because.

Author’s note: I only got through to U before I had to take a break. Sooo…there will be more to come, because I’m stubborn like that!

S is for Three Kinds of Silence

1. I had actually started the letter S what seems like forever ago, when we were still in Vegas. I like people. I love my friends. And I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to share the time that we did with everyone over the long weekend of their wedding in Las Vegas. But from Thursday night until Monday morning at 5AM, when Ad and I left to go on a day trip to Death Valley, Calif., we had been with other humans almost non-stop, even to sharing a room. There was a shopping trip that he and I took to get me a dress to wear to the wedding, a two-mile walk that we took alone on Friday morning, and a trip to pick up the food for the reception when it was just he and I, but other than that, our days were filled with friends and family and our nights with the noise and bustle of the Fremont Street crowds or the crazed neon and musical assault that is the Vegas Strip at night. By the time we climbed into the car for the 2.5 hours-long drive to the desert, I was peopled out, and the comfortable silence that settled between us felt like being able to breathe again. It was the kind of silence between two people who knew each other well, and were comfortable enough with each other not to feel that we had to fill the silence with words. It was just he and I, and I could breathe again.

2. Later, when we ventured out into the Death Valley heat to peer over the edge of a long-dead volcano crater, an even more profound silence enveloped us. There wasn’t another car around for miles and miles, and from our vantage point it was like we were the only two people on the face of the earth. Our idle chatter stilled, and we simply took in the eerie, desolate landscape in silence, awed by the immensity of it.

Author’s note #2: Another frustration with my switch to the iPhone Universe — there is no way to easily download, upload and edit my iPhone images without three or four conversion steps, so no photos if I want to get this posted. Grrr…

3. And then still later, when I climbed into my own bed last night, truly alone at last, with even the roommate gone from the house, Adam at the condo and Viper with his family, there was yet another kind of silence. The silence of my home, my space, my bed, my head.

T is for Travel

It’s not as often as it was with W, and I don’t get to go to those great out-of-town kink events, but travel with Adam is relaxing and therapeutic and fun and sometimes magical. He won’t plan or instigate anything, but he’ll go along with whatever I dream up — even if it is getting up at 5AM two mornings in a row (after two nights out fooling around in Vegas until 1AM) to travel two-and-half hours each way so I could see Zion National Park and Death Valley. And once there he hiked 4 miles up a river with me (literally, IN the Virgin River, up the Narrows), then to the top of an amazing cliff (to which overlook he went the last 300 switch-backy yards alone because I couldn’t manage anymore cliff edges with no railing, just so I’d have a picture of the overlook at the end of the trail), drove from one end of Death Valley to the other in one day (it’s 3.3 MILLION acres) taking time to hike up a canyon in 100 degree heat and then to the edge of a 500 foot-deep crater, with never a complaint. In fact, he had more energy than I did! My guy is a hell of a travel partner.

U is for Unpacking

Which I STILL haven’t done yet. Seriously! There are opened suitcases strewn all over the floor of my bedroom, spilling their guts. There are clothes, shoes and travel accessories flung about, as I’ve pawed through them to find a certain something that I need “right now!” but don’t have time to unpack neatly to get to. If you know me at all, you know this is a crazy-making situation.

We got back from Las Vegas after midnight last Wednesday, I stayed Thursday night at V’s and then practically the whole weekend at their house working with them on house projects to get their house ready to sell. I also got to be the birthday-party-driver to take their daughter to a birthday party so they could go look at houses — it’s been a good long time since I hung out with a bunch of six year-olds! Twelve six year-olds cranked up on birthday cake and juice, no less.

But I digress. Finally, Monday (last night) I did get a little bit of unpacking done. Viper came over to my house, and we spent a little bit of time unpacking a couple bags (at his insistence. I think he was a little alarmed that I seemed to be functioning amid the mess, and worried that a pod-person had taken over or that a melt-down was imminent.) The rest of the night was pizza-and-cuddling-on-the-couch-watching-Masters-of-Sex time. He really needed the downtime after weeks of house renovations, house hunting, and the stress involved with his wife having major surgery. It’s been a stressful time for us all, and I was happy to just shut off our brains for awhile.

After that was sexy time with the aid of a giant paddle whacking my butt as I rode Viper reverse cowgirl-style. I am in desperate need of a long, hard scene, but with all the “real life” things that are pulling at V, I think these little mini-scenes (more like BDSM-y sex) are the most I can hope for, until things settle down. (Which could be never, though! Boo!) Still, some bdsm + sex is better than none at all. lol


Which brings us to this moment. I am sitting up in bed, drinking a whiskey and trying (desperately) to get some kind of post uploaded. So here you are. Sans pictures because fucking iPhone, but, hopefully, they’ll come soon.

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