R is for Ride

I know, I know, I missed my #AtoZBloggingChallenge post yesterday. I also missed my #30DayOrgasmFun post (and the doing of.) AND I missed some other things that I do daily for V. All of which have engendered consequences. BUT…

I have a good excuse! I am here in Las Vegas in a houseful of people. My dear friend Busty McGee is getting married, and we are having a week-long party. So yesterday was spent ferrying people and things back and forth to get ready for the reception (we’re the only ones that rented a car. It was a deliberate decision: I knew that there was going to be a need for someone to have a vehicle, and also Ad and I have three days here on our own, during which we are going to Death Valley, Red Rocks and Zion National Park. So a car was a necessity.) Anyway…

Vegas is a strange place. Strange. And though I love the desert and mountains and plateaus, I am not fond of Las Vegas itself. It’s disorganized and dirty and feels like…like an accident. But the nightlife is fun (in small doses) and OMG there is SUNSHINE here. Sunshine! Even as sun-adverse as I am supposed to be, I am soaking it up. I am also soaking up spending time with this group of friends. I don’t often get long blocks of time with friends, so this is nice. Of course I have to be judicious about getting my quiet time, time away from all the noise and hubbub that is sharing space with other humans, in order to keep my energy levels and tolerance for groups of people up, but I feel like I am striking a good balance.

Okay so what about this “R” word? Ride, ride ride. How about “ride’em cowgirl”? Yesterday (was it just yesterday?) Adam had a headache and was laying down in the quiet. After awhile, I went in to see how he was feeling. He was feeling better, so I straddled him on the bed and talked with him. And pretty soon I realized he was feeling a lot better, because I could feel his cock getting hard inside his jeans. I rubbed my jean-clad pussy against him a bit.

And then a bit more. Pretty soon I was grinding unabashedly, letting the seam of my jeans do its trick against the heard length of him. I wondered if I could manage my orgasm of the day that way. I can’t remember the last time I humped someone’s leg…well, okay, that’d not true, V has had me hump his leg before, lol. But this was different. This was a throwback to high school.

In the end I didn’t come, but it was a delicious, naughty interlude.

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