O is for Outage

As in electricity. Yeah, our electric is out, because Adam, who is in charge of the utilities, missed seeing the bill, as  didn’t pay it. Apparently he also missed the several notices they send, threatening such, because tonight? We’re in candlelight. Which would be romantic if I wasn’t so pissed.

O was supposed to be for Orgasm Reports, so I could share the orgasm game that V and I (and, tangentially, Adam) are playing all #30dayorgasmfun month. But real life got in the way. Sometimes I hesitate to write about the nitty gritty, the mundanity, of my life. I hate to be seen as complaining when I fucking KNOW how good I’ve got it.

But hey. Life happens. And in this case, it didn’t happen so great.

So. We’re without electricity tonight. We’re making do.



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