N is for Nipple

I love nipples. From palest pink to chocolatey brown, tiny tight dimesize ones to ones I can barely fit in my mouth. I like them when they are soft and pliant and when they are sharp as cutting stones in the cold, or with excitement. I like to roll them around in my fingers, to pinch and to pull them. I like them decorated with jewelry or au natural, pinked with rouge or trapped inside nipple colllars. I like them stuck with needles, bound with rope, covered with X’s of black duct tape. I especially like the little suction cups on them. Even smacked or whipped or caned nipples are good, because it hurts so bad. (I know, it’s that weird dichotomy again.)

Nipples are fun, nipples are sexy, and my nipples have a direct line to my cunt. Pinch them or pull on the the right way, and you’ll soon have me moaning and pushing against you, begging for your touch in other places.

Or maybe I’ll just hump your leg if I am excited enough.

Under the right circumstances, I can have an orgasm just from nipple play.

I was asked recently why I haven’t pierced my nipples, since I’ve got my nether region pierced. The answer is easy: they work wonderfully well just as they are. I don’t want to mess up the sensation

I have in them. I love how sensitive they are! And it would be a tragedy if I pierced them and lost that.

So there you have it.

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