C is for Catastrophe

I’m going to take author’s license here, and use the Wicked Wednesday prompt word in a decidedly not-anything-that-the-word-means way. But it’s a play on the word (sort of) that works in my world right now, and fulfills both the Wicked Wednesday prompt and today’s A-Z Blogging Challenge letter.  And it’s really not “wicked” in any way, but I’m trying to get back to participating more…

So what the hell am I talking about? Well, I’m using the first part of that word, “cat”…and the rest, though it’s not exactly a “catastrophe”, is a bit more than I bargained for when my roommate and I first started feeding her…the cat…the feral cat…

Before the roomie and I moved in, we had rented our house to my daughter and her boyfriend for two years, before said boyfriend stated he could no longer live in the city, and they moved out to a fairly rural area (right next to his parents.) There is a certain kind of St. Louis boy that is born and raised here and just never leaves. And by here, I mean oftentimes the same neighborhood that he was raised in, sometimes even on the same block. Occasionally they will go away to college for a short time, but they always slingshot back. I imagine there are women that do the same thing, but I’ve only known men that do. Boyfriend is one such.


There was a cat. The same cat as in the title (she called “him” Rad, short for Radaghast.) He was a feral cat, and she fed him while she was here. He was never tamed, she never wanted to tame him (she had tamed another feral cat that now lives with her.) But Rad was happy doing his feral-cat thing, and she was happy to feed him, and when she moved, we inherited him.

Except he turned out to be a she. A very pregnant she, come spring. We only figured out he was a she when I took a picture of her lazing about on our porch, belly displaying large, engorged nipples. Me, to roommate: “Uh…is that normal for a boy cat?”

So. Then we had a feral female cat that was busy spewing its spawn into the world. Spawn I don’t want her to spew into the world. I’m fine with feeding one stray cat…not fine with her being a promiscuous little slut-kitty. We decided that we had to catch her, and spay her.  We did not succeed in trapping her last year, but this year, we are going to. There is a group called “TNR” – Trap, Neuter, Release – that helps to trap your feral cat and get it spayed or neutered so that you can release it back to its home base. The group is a bit controversial, as many people believe that the only good feral cat is a dead feral cat, but our city has an ordinance that supports the practice, and the people that feed the cats. I am glad that we will be able to use their service to prevent more kittens just to see them destroyed, without forcing us to destroy Rad, who we have become, in some weird, disconnected way, fond of.




  1. fondles

    We have a similar thing in our country – trap, neuter and release. I agree with it, even tho like in your area, some would prefer they just be put down. Good luck with the trapping!

  2. Marie Rebelle

    We have a cat, but we don’t have a cat. It’s not a feral cat, but one that has a home, but comes here for food and attention. Oh it gets food at home, but it likes the bits it gets over here too. I have never thought I would grow fond of a cat, but I sure did!

    Rebel xox

  3. Julie

    I once ended up with a cat because my brother and sister in law came to say and brought 3 cats with them. When they left there were 10! We kept one, a female who was half feral but lived here. She was spayed. I am with you on this one!


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