A Weekend

In the interests of my new experiment, I’m just going to write a bit. What comes out could be fun; could be a big pile of doo-doo. Feel free to scroll on past…

I just got a new phone. Had to conduct an emergency rip-out-the-battery operation when my old one decided to lock up and overheat, and, well, the recovery was a rough one. In fact it never really recovered. So today, Adam and I spent a goodly chunk of our day obtaining new phones.

Why oh why is it such an ordeal to get a new phone?

Okay, part of it was because I was torn between staying in my accustomed universe (ie Android) or drinking the kool-aid and become, as Ad says, a “pod person”. Yup, converting to Apple. I have resisted for…well…EVER, but finally, the lure of allowing V to follow my every movement proved too seductive.

Hell, I probably ought to explain that statement. (Or maybe not.) ;-) He likes to know where I am at all times…with Android, I had to expressly turn on, every time I went somewhere, a tracking app. With me being on an iPhone, there is no turning on or off the tracking, after the first time. He can simply look where I am when he wants to. It turns me on to let him have that power…and especially that it is passive on my part. I don’t *like* telling him “I want you to track me.” I like it it being a thing he has complete control over. So here we are.

Except I haven’t turned it on yet.

I feel like a feral kitty.

He said, “Well it’s up to you if you want to turn it on…”

And I hold the phone away from my ear. Say what?

Okay, I think he’s trying to do the whole “complete consent…” thing. Um admirable, but I have already given my consent: I’m owned, right? So. Yeah. When I “want to” is when you tell me to. Yeah yeah I know I should listen to what he really wants, even if it isn’t a command… But I like to be commanded. If he wanted a submissive that anticipated his every wish and obeyed every unspoken directive, he wouldn’t be with me, would he?


I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to share a picture from my (new!!) iPhone to my Google Photos, so I could access it here, on my Android tablet, so I could upload it to my WordPress app. UGH. For awhile my tech life is going to be consumed with all the minutia of changing from droid to the i-universe.

But there are moments of respite. For instance:

We went to a party last night. And, as part of that play, I received a “micro-branding” of “Viper’s Kitty” on my backside. I also received a rather severe lashing with a single-tail (that, incidentally) served to make “Viper’s Kitty” somewhat unreadable. I…wish it were legible. I know I’m a big fat baby when the electrical play is happening, but after – dammit I want proof! Anyway, that lashing was punishment for prior disobedience. I’m not allowed to have an orgasm (thru self-pleasure) without his permission: I did.

His punishment was one that, honestly, would never be a punishment: “Anytime you want an orgasm, you need to do a certain thing that will make you miserable while you do it.” My answer? Okay….I don’t need an orgasm that bad. Which kind of sucks. I wish I was in that place that all new submissives find themselves at one point or another: so fucking desperate that you’d chew your own clit off just to be granted that orgasm. But okay…we’re three years in. I’m pretty okay with just…not going there, since, you know, it might be a bit uncomfy.

Unless…I’m MADE to.

Anyway, I’m rambling on. We were there, and holy fuck. I paid for my impertinence with the lash of the whip…which, of course, I loved. And hated. And loved.

After, I wanted to go home, because I always do, and we ran into someone that knows me from here…from the blog. I’m still processing that – my online persona and RL meeting. I’m…horrible at that. But…um…as awkward and unable to communicate in the moment as I was…thank you. For reading. For saying hello. Whoever you are.

So yeah. Here I am, sipping fireball whiskey and saying hullo. Let’s see what the upcoming week holds for us all, shall we??


  1. Molly

    I am not good at the orgasm denial thing, anything relating to that tends to just make me grumpy and like you I am not the willing submissive at all


  2. Calvin

    Interesting read…Apologies if I showed poor readers etiquette by mentioning the blog at the party at that instance. I’m usually good at reading situations and the dialogue seemed a little, as you mentioned, awkward. Nonetheless, this is your creative space and we who follow appreciate your efforts.

    1. Jade Post author

      No, no…apologies not needed! I was immensely flattered. I was just my usual awkward, tongue-tied self lol. Thank you for saying something, truly. And please don’t hesitate to say hello again. :-)


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