It’s early afternoon and already I’m ready…

Ready to walk out of here for the night.

Ready to sip my wine

cool my heels

pretend I’m not just killing time

until the moment I see you

Ready to see your smile

as you walk up to my car

open the door

pull me into your arms.

Ready to feel your hand in my hair

your lips on mine.

Ready to taste your tongue in my mouth

to feel

the hard length of your cock

inside your jeans

pressed against my hip.

I’m ready to follow you downstairs

undress while you watch

to fall to my knees before you

to feel your hand on my back –

a benediction.

Ready to feel the whip on my flesh

your hands rough on my skin

your voice in my ear

your body against mine.

Ready to writhe beneath the kiss of the whip

and the heat of your touch

to see my own desire reflected

in your eyes.

I’m ready. Are you?


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