Day 28 – Keep Dancing

This month of pictures went by so fast! And I didn’t even post images from all the things we did over that wonderful weekend. (And I know, I missed yesterday.) Well I’m going to forgive myself, and go out with a bang.

This gif is pretty much how I felt all weekend. What a truly special time it was.

I had such fun sharing photos this month. Thank you all for stopping by and playing along, and for all the lovely comments! I admit that blogging is (about a thousand times) easier and more fun when I have images to inspire & remind me. Can I keep it up after the pictures are gone? I don’t know…but, I’m okay with that. It is what it is. Meanwhile, I’ll keep dancing, singing, playing, loving – I hope you do too!



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  1. Molly

    I LOVE this. What a perfectly wonderful ending to your Febphotofest. I am glad the project helped to remind you about how images can help with you blogging.



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