Day 20 – The Elephant & Me

This is the first time I have used the blur function in Photoshop. We really should have paid attention to the background in these images, but I guess we were having too much fun and didn’t notice the bags, shoes and an ice chest that were in the background, cluttering the image up. With no background for context, though, I think the top image looks…surreal. Like I am riding a tiny, toy elephant, instead of a rather large statue.

Blurring the background didn’t work at all in the image below, but I really like it, so I just cropped it close and called it a day. Neither is up to W’s standards for sure, but I think he’d give me a pass if he was here. Or take the mouse from me and do it right. lol




  1. Molly

    I am fairly sure he would laugh and love it. That edit is utterly magical and looks like you are riding some sort of magical golden elephant in your fabulous sassy socks



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