Day 18 – Reward Number Four

But what about three, I can hear you say. There was Reward Number One, and Reward Number Two, and now Reward Number Four? What happened to three? And what ARE these “rewards”, anyway? Well let me explain.

There’s this show called “The Expanse.” Have you seen it? Viper REALLY likes it. I was ambivalent about it, mostly because I have so little time to devote to TV watching, so when he kept saying, “Have you watched it yet?” I finally said, “Maybe you should make it worth my while,” and he said, “Getting wrapped up in a great show isn’t worth it?” and I said, “Well, no, especially if there’s the possibility of something better…” and the very next day he offered me a “reward” for each episode of episodes 1-4 that I watched. Ya’ll know he regulates my orgasms, dictating if I may, when, how and how many, and sometimes even what I have to think about or look at or read while I’m doing it. But occasionally

He rewards me with FREE orgasms.

Okay, so these weren’t exactly free. I did have the stipulation that I had to use at least one non-vibrating toy. (Obviously, for this one, I decided on a little more than just one toy!) And it had to be within 30 minutes of watching the episode. But whee! All I had to do was be lazy and watch TV, and orgasms-R-jade! And then he went out of town for the weekend, and I got strep throat and have to stay home in bed, so he upped the rewards because he felt sorry for me. So now, from now til Monday night, I get to have a free orgasm for every episode I watch, if I’m feeling up to it.

(Don’t tell him that I’m already hooked on it and would watch it even without rewards.)

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