Day 15 – Boots and More Boots

I didn’t think “boots” were a thing for me, when I first saw that they were the topic of this week’s Kink of the Week. After all, for all W’s obsessions with heels, they didn’t seem to include boots – unless you were talking ballet boots, of course. But then I gathered all my boots together for an accounting, and I realized: I might be the one with a thing for boots. I counted 21 pairs, to be exact.

Knee high boots and ankle boots, thigh highs and cowboy boots. Shit-kickers and paddock boots, hiking boots and hiking boots with 5 in heels. Pointy-toed boots, boots with flat heels, brown and black and pink boots. Suede, leather, PVC and I-don’t-know-what boots. Daytime boots, nighttime boots, booty-call boots and these-boots-are-made-for-walking boots.

That’s a whole mess o’boots!

“Adam!” I said, when we were getting packed for the weekend. I need my boots.” (I’d left a pair or two over at the big condo.)

I was thinking of my pink cowboy boots, but he brought over several others as well. “We need to get boot pics this weekend,” I said.

And we did, though we didn’t get all of the pairs I brought.

These were some of the things we did with my boots.

Apparently I have a thing for boots.



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