Day 3 of the February Photofest

I know, it was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but after a night of play, I wasn’t able to function enough to post the image, even after I specifically requested V take the picture(s). So, here they are.

The start of the tie – a chest harness – and me feeling sassy.

The finished product. One kitty, haanging around waiting for … something … to happen…

I really liked this tie. It allows for all manner of play, from pain to pleasure. I got a little of both, though not enough, because the rope started cutting into my shinbones painfully and he had to bring me – at least partially – down. But we’re already planning how to make it work better next time.

I think what I like so much about this is how exposed I am. He can attack any part of me. He can push a toy into my pussy and admonish me to hold it in while he does other things. He can terrorize the inside or outside of my thighs, or get at my ass if he wanted. He could torture my nipples, or come in close, kiss me and finger fuck me. I’m not sure if I was at the right height for actual fucking (tho I definitely was later – as he proved – when he brought me down to one leg.) Overall I was a very happy kitty last night.

February Photofest

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  1. Mrs Fever

    Yes, you look like a very happy kitty! :)

    As someone who is new to rigging, I always appreciate when people write matter-of-factly about rope — what worked, what didn’t, why. It’s encouraging.


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