A February Challenge

Each February, for I don’t know how long now, MollysDailyKiss has hosted the February Photofest, a challenge and an opportunity for bloggers to post at least one erotic image a day on their blogs for the month of February. I’ve participated off and on through the years, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not so much. I almost missed participating at all this year, being so wrapped up in school. But apparently the universe wants me to have a reason to post here, because I happened upon the announcement today accidentally, and here I am. Fortuitously enough, it also gives me a chance to play with V, as at least part of these photos will involve a challenge and instruction from him.

But… more on the particulars of that later. For now, my first February Photofest entry for 2018.

I leave it up to you to imagine the context.

February Photofest


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