Scavenging at the Beach

I had told V that Adam and I would certainly be trying to score more Scavenger Hunts while we traveled; it’s a favorite way for us to explore new places. As a way to stay connected while we were apart, I invited him to come up with a list of a few that he would challenge me to find, making it even more of a true Scavenger Hunt. He sent me a list of 14 potential locations, and challenged me to do at least five, and further, to be sure that each was different fro the others, i.e. not all titty shots. That last part I thought might be challenging, but hey, I like a good challenge, right? So off we went…

These were the ones he picked: Alley, Beach Hut, Bus Stop, Construction Site, Embankment/Sea Wall, Escalator, Farm Equipment, Fast Food Chain, Fishing Nets, Holiday Decorations (public), Railroad Crossing, Life Buoy (ring), Map (public), Warning Sign. (If you click on any of them you will see a list of all the others who have scored that location. It’s amazing the daring and inventiveness of those who participate! If you’re interested in joining in, the rules are here.)  One of them I had already done and posted (railroad crossing), two more I had done but not yet posted (construction site, farm equipment), so those were out, there are no escalators or alleys in Hilton Head, so those were out, and I didn’t want to try fast food chain, so that was also out. That left beach hut, bus stop, sea wall, fishing nets, holiday decorations, life buoy, map and warning sign.

I figured beach hut, fishing nets, sea wall & life buoy would be easy enough, being by the ocean, but it turns out that – go figure – Carolina beaches, even in South Carolina, pretty much shut down in the winter, so there were beach huts or life buoys to be found. Fishing nets also proved elusive, as there wasn’t anyone fishing, and we didn’t get out on any boats. I did see some on the wall of one of the restaurants we went to, and made a cursory look around to see if we could pull it off, but (in spite of it being winter) the place was too busy. We also saw a kind of sea wall when we went out to the state park to see the lighthouse, but again, there were too many people around to make it safe.

But never fear! I found another Scavenger Hunt. Not one on V’s list, but it was so perfect I couldn’t pass it up.

But! Before that, there was our first sight of the beach, down a long boardwalk, not ten minutes after we’d arrived. Ha! Boardwalk…could I do it? Could we score a Scavenger Hunt before we were even unpacked? For sure I would try…

There were several people on the beach ahead of us, so I tried to be inconspicuous by turning away from them…

“It’s too dark,” Adam said. “Turn around, I can’t see your titties…”


“That’s better!”

Score! But not one on V’s list…except he decided to give me the score, cuz he’s a nice Owner like that.

Score: 1 Boardwalk

Now, onto that accidental little Scavenger Hunt that I stumbled on at the lighthouse beach. No, it wasn’t on V’s list either, but I couldn’t resist.

Picnic site! In the pines, between the beach and the lighthouse.


I thought that was all we’d get there, seeing as seawall was out of the running, but as fate would have it, I found a very special sign, one that has…well…special meaning for one such as me.


Score: 2 Warning Sign

So hey, what next?

Well. It just so happened that the resort that our condo was on had a fancy banquet hall and a couple of restaurants – and absolutely wonderful holiday lights everywhere!

The first night was a no-go because of people again (what did these people think they were doing, messing up my Scavenger Hunts??) The second night there was a night watchman that was very interested in what me and my boyfriend were doing hanging out outside the building. But the third night? Well, third time’s a charm. Adam had to get me a little tipsy to make me go, because by then I was certain it was never going to happen. But it did! And in a big way.

Score: 3 Holiday Lights

Next up was another that took some planning. This was also not on V’s list, but as soon as I saw the outdoor showers for washing sand off before heading inside from the beach, I started cooking up a plan. The morning that we went to the beach to watch the sunrise, I again wore my easily-opened jean dress. “We’ll hit the outdoor shower before anyone else is up,” I said. Little did I realize that – huh – everyone else wanted to see the sun rise, too. Including people in the condos directly above this spot. We could see and hear them on their balconies, having coffee and admiring the view. No, not THIS view, Adam had checked on lines of sight and determined that this one was relatively screened from sight. Unless someone happened to walk up the boardwalk. “Quick, quick,” he said, and I was. I was disappointed they had turned off the water, though. Not because I would have gotten wet – it was too cold for that – but because, well, it would have been a pretty visual. ;-)

We had plans that day to go on another jaunt, this time to a nature preserve. “There is sure to be a trail map there,” I said. “And no one will be out today. It’s cold and blustery.”


Pretty much everyone on the island had decided that this was exactly where they wanted to be, at the exact time we were there. “Well,” I consoled myself, “at least we are getting some cool Pokemon.” It was as we were walking along a path in pursuit of said Pokemon that we stumbled across a sheltered map, with no one else around. At least, no one right there. They were all over at the OTHER trail map. Again, “Quick, quick!” I said, and SNAP! we had another Scavenger Hunt!

Score: 4 Map

I was pretty happy with our Scavenger Hunt haul. It was a good run for one weekend. But…I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t managed to get my fifth one for V.

Until we did.

It was the last day we were there. We were leaving that afternoon, and I wanted to go to the beach one last time. A different beach than the one by our condo. So…off we went. But OH was it cold! We’d only been there about a half hour before I gave in and said, “Let’s go get lunch.” It had been 68 degrees the first two days we were there, and had gotten steadily colder. By the time we left it was 29 degrees. Little did I know but the “Snow Cyclone”, or whatever the hell they called it, was bearing down the East Coast. We ended up leaving just as it hit, as a matter of fact, and avoided it by mere hours. Before that, though? Before that I saw this building by the beach.

Beach hut! Okay, it’s maybe not the classic thatched roof hut – the island was too full of rich folks (not us!) to have thatched roofs – but…it was a hut by the beach!

It was worth a little frostbite!

Score: 5 Beach Hut!

And that, as they say, is a wrap!


    1. Jade Post author

      That was a fun set. I used to do a “12 Days of Christmas” thing on the blog but haven’t had a partner that wants to recently, so that set kind of made up for it.


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