Before During After

I went to a Christmas party last night. A swinger/nudist/kinky Christmas party. I had been on the fence all week about going, but decided – literally at the last minute – to go, while shopping at the local sex toy store with my roommate for a suitable “Rob Your Neighbor” gift.

I had the best time! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone any place solo, and though everyone knows I am owned and the lover of two men, there was a certain, “kitty is free!” to me last night, and…well, let’s just say it was fun to be flirted with and asked to play by several men there, and one woman. I only played with one, a very good friend, someone I trust and who gives the best OTK – tho he isn’t bad with whips and other implements either. ;-)

These are before, during and after pics.

Happy holidays!


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