Unsolicited SONA Cruise Review

I don’t do sponsored product reviews – though perhaps I should since I enjoy toys so much – but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to review the product fairly if it was given to me. So, instead, every so often I just buy a new toy and then, for fun, review it anyway. That’s what I’m doing with the SONA Cruise by Lelo.

I ordered the SONA Cruise after reading first Kayla’s review of it, and then several others. I love Baldy, my Hitachi Magic Wand (enough to name it, obviously), but there are times when I’d like a different toy. Unfortunately it’s not easy, when one has found Nirvana with a Hitachi, to achieve that bliss with another vibration toy. At least for me. I have found a few others that I can orgasm with (especially when used by/with a partner) but they are few and far between, so I am always on the lookout for others, especially if they are unusual in how they claim to get me there.

Lelo is a brand I am familiar with. I have a g-spot toy of theirs that I like a lot, and though it doesn’t bring me to orgasm by itself, I enjoy using it with Baldy. (Baldy with penetration is always better, though I seldom do it on my own: I’m just too lazy most times, and also, there’s a feeling of shame associated with it, more so than just masturbating with a vibe. Oddly (or not so much) this works nicely when I’ve been instructed to do it, the embarrassment adds to the eroticism, but inhibits me using insertables on my own.) In any case, after reading the reviews, I decided to give the SONA a try. It sounded just different enough that it might work where other vibes have not.

So I ordered it, and waited with much anticipation for it to arrive. And then, when I told V about my new purchase, he decreed that the first time I tried it would be with him. This was NOT my preference, but…what can I say. He’s the boss. Then he promptly forgot about it when I received the toy, but being a dutiful kitty, I reminded him. I was pretty sure I would regret that bit of honesty.

Aaaand…I did.

And didn’t.

It is a really different sensation. Almost unbearable in some positions, particularly when it is right on my clit. And of course that is often where V positioned it when he used it on me. (He’s gotta earn his sadist card, yanno. Can’t let that thing slide.) The whole night is a little fuzzy in the details, actually, enough that I don’t remember if he used the toy on me before or after he beat the hell out of my thighs and breasts. I remember, distinctly, sitting on the edge of the spanking bench, legs apart, arms crossed behind my back, the feel of the new pink leather paddle I had just bought (because PINK!) coming down, over and over on the front of my thighs. His voice, low, “Don’t you dare close your legs!” and his eyes boring into mine; in mine a plea and a challenge: “Do it! Do it again. Please hurt me.” Such delicious misery. And so incredibly erotic to look him in the eyes, something that he doesn’t do often when we play. (Now if I could just get him to kiss me, to  steal my breath away, to press his body to mine, to put his hand on my throat, to tease and tantalize me in the middle of the pain…mmhmm.)

I remember another kind of misery too. I remember kneeling before him, legs spread again, him with the SONA in his hand. Pressing it, over and over between my legs, a grin on his face as I twisted and contorted myself to avoid it. It really wasn’t the most pleasant sensation.

And yet.

And yet I came. I came through the discomfort. Perhaps I came because of the discomfort, because of the sharp edges of pain that lanced through my clit every so often when he captured its pearly head exactly so in the mouth of the toy, a punctuation to the frustration and discomfort I was experiencing. He was relentless, punishing, torturous with it (and loving every minute of it.) And then, unexpectedly (and I am sure accidentally), he’d find just the right spot, and turn it just the right way, and it would feel…

Well. Almost amazing. I’d relax and push against the toy, reaching, wanting more… And then he’d grin, ferociously, and turn it on a different speed or pulsing sensation, or move it to a different place, and I’d collapse in a heap, breathless with disbelief and exasperation, before trying to wriggle away from it again.

So yes, I had orgasms with it. Painful ones, if there is such a thing. And now, I get to try it on my own. Well, perhaps “get to” is the wrong phrase. He’s given me orders to give it a fair try, in spite of my assertion that it will just frustrate me. I just don’t have the patience! But since others have said, “patience will reward you!” he wants me to try.

Or maybe that’s just another way for him to torture me. ;-)

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