A Peaceful Sunday

jade naked

Last Saturday I didn’t stay over at Viper’s because of the Jewish holidays. Adam was supposed to be over both Friday and Saturday, but he had bailed on me due to work being a bitch and wearing him out. I could have invited RG over, but…it was unusual for me to have two whole nights alone on the weekend, and I was kind of reveling in it. So I didn’t invite him over either.

I didn’t do much…a bit of homework, a lot of reading, some housework…oh, and a 42-mile bike ride with my daughter. But more about that later. Anyway, this was Sunday morning. I was laying in bed, relaxing, enjoying my freedom and my quiet house. Enjoying being alone. In that moment I didn’t want or need anyone’s company, anyone’s attention. I was perfectly comfortable to be my own best company. I had to take a snap just to record how peaceful I felt at that moment.


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  1. Exposing40

    Before I read your words I was going to say ‘beautiful peaceful and content expression’ and having now read the words I can see how your weekend in shining out of your face. Xx

  2. Jo

    I really like this – it’s so important to take time to luxuriate in the quiet joy of alone time, especially when you’re used to other people claiming most of your time. So happy to hear you had a relaxing weekend doing only what you wanted to do.


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