Touch Myself

I don’t even remember the why now, but I remember there was a reason I was taking a photo of myself, touching myself. We play these games sometimes. Middle-of-the-week, I-want-you-to-touch-me-but-you-can’t, I-want-to-be-with-you-but-I-can’t, remote games.

“Let’s play,” I say.

“Give me a task,” I say.

“Let me do something for you,” I say.

I touch myself; take a photo.


  1. Indigo Byrd

    Lovely photo you look very relaxed, and I love the light and your pose. What a nice way to start a Sinful Sunday…
    I was just thinking before I hadn’t seen many tatts, like the image and the placement….

  2. alan

    lovely picture – i can well understand your desire to take pictures of you – especially as i wold like to see more – thank you


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