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Sep 21, 2017 | Posted by in Being Poly, Everyday Jade, Who Is Pieces of Jade? | 1

I learned a brand new-to-me term for a poly partner: anchor partner. I’m familiar with primary partner, of course, and nesting partner, but “anchor” is a new one to me. I believe it encompasses exactly what role Adam is in my life, though. I’ve never had an issue with labels. Language and the words we use are how we communicate ideas to one another. Unlike some people, I don’t feel that a label is necessarily limiting, nor does it have to be all-encompassing. To me, a label is a starting point. A place where we can pause and reflect, and then expound upon it – or not – as needed. When I was with W and Adam, W insisted on a hierarchical approach to labeling our relationships. Adam was “primary,” W was “secondary.” He insisted on it being that way. But it was not very long before I knew thatRead more …


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It’s the end of two nights together. I am at the dining room table, both laptops open while I work on homework. Surprisingly, we had not had a heavy scene over the two nights. Saturday we had played at our local groups’ playspace, but it had been a rope scene – more predicament and psychological play than straight-up impact. Remembering balancing on one leg, the other high up in the air, spreading me open for all to see; the rope tight around my torso, arms and leg; the feel of whatever-it-was he was whacking me with sharp and insistent as I spun away from him and struggled to stay upright. Then him drawing me in close. “What’s a kitty say?” he whispers in my ear. “No,” I say, just to resist. He smacks my thigh. “What’s a kitty say?” “Ow!” I yelp. He smacks me again, sharper. “What’s a kittyRead more …

Touch Myself

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I don’t even remember the why now, but I remember there was a reason I was taking a photo of myself, touching myself. We play these games sometimes. Middle-of-the-week, I-want-you-to-touch-me-but-you-can’t, I-want-to-be-with-you-but-I-can’t, remote games. “Let’s play,” I say. “Give me a task,” I say. “Let me do something for you,” I say. I touch myself; take a photo.


Sep 8, 2017 | Posted by in Writing About Kink | 1

I was in a weird place. I’d had a perfectly lovely weekend away with my daughter – an accidental mom-and-daughter camping trip in Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, which happened because both her boyfriend and Adam were unable to accompany us as originally planned. I’m not ashamed to say I was fine with the change. I would have enjoyed their company, but having the Girl all to myself all weekend was a real treat. I’m also not ashamed to admit I had some trepidations: I hadn’t camped in more than 3 years, and not without an able male-bodied person in 10 years or more. We also had an 8 hour drive each way, and I had rented a 4-wheel drive truck to haul our gear. Not my usual mode of transportation. But! We went, we survived, we had an amazing time. BUT…I’d also left with unresolved issues between Viper and I.Read more …