I really love my new heels.

I wanted a grown-up pair of heels that were still a bit sexy, a bit sassy, for work. I used to wear my slut heels to work occasionally, at W’s behest, and loved doing it, but – even though there is a new girl here that does wear some wild ones – I just don’t feel the impetus to do so anymore. Still. Can I be Jade without my heels?  I think not!  (Click the link for a lot more shoe love.) So, I found this pair, and I think they are a good compromise.

And then…I found a way to make them dirty. When I saw the challenge “sex with an object” in the task binder that Viper prepared for me, I knew I had a way to show him how much I love them – and a way to make them just a little sassier to wear.

I imagine you can guess why I was getting them all wet…and how they got a lot wetter only moments later.

Now wearing them to work is that much more…interesting.


  1. Elliott

    I always become aroused reading your posts, Jade. Even if it’s just an image of your high heels. You can probably imagine what I am thinking as I view the little circles below.

  2. Carl

    Just stumbled on this posting. Very naughty, but fun to read. As a suburban dad who everyone thinks of as straight laced, dignified and Volvo driving, I think about the pair of locking heels kept in my attic that I wear only when the family is away. Your post makes me realize how cool that is rather than something deep in the recesses of my mind that’s weird!


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