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I really love my new heels.

Jul 24, 2017 | Posted by in Writing About Kink | 5

I wanted a grown-up pair of heels that were still a bit sexy, a bit sassy, for work. I used to wear my slut heels to work occasionally, at W’s behest, and loved doing it, but – even though there is a new girl here that does wear some wild ones – I just don’t feel the impetus to do so anymore. Still. Can I be Jade without my heels?  I think not!  (Click the link for a lot more shoe love.) So, I found this pair, and I think they are a good compromise. And then…I found a way to make them dirty. When I saw the challenge “sex with an object” in the task binder that Viper prepared for me, I knew I had a way to show him how much I love them – and a way to make them just a little sassier to wear. IRead more …

I think I can.

Jul 20, 2017 | Posted by in Being Poly, Everyday Jade | 2

I think I can do this. No, I really do. I think I can be happy. I think I can be content. I think I can accept what is, without pining for what is not. There’s been many times in the past – what’s it been, almost 2 years? – that I haven’t been sure of that. That I’ve doubted and wondered “why” and wished I was anywhere, in any other relationship(s), than the one(s) I am in. That it was all too hard, too complicated, too not-what-I-wanted out of my relationship(s). Out of my life. Sometimes I still feel that way. I love Viper and would be devastated not to have him in my life and I adore and crave the D/s dynamic we have created; I still love and appreciate Adam as much as I ever did (if not more so), even after almost 18 years; and IRead more …

I love his cock.

Jul 4, 2017 | Posted by in Writing About Kink | 2

I love his cock. The length of it, the breadth of it, its smooth, silky head, hell even the smell of it. This morning it was musky, his perspiration and the smell of sleep mixing with the scent of my own body, that had lain pressed against him all night. He’s as much a cuddler as I am, perhaps more so, as I frequently feel myself grabbed and drug back into his embrace if I have escaped to the cool side of the bed in the night. Last night we went to a play party with a group of our friends. Ad was there too, as well as V’s wife and her play partner(s). He and Adam double-topped me. It was a great game: me down on my hands and knees in the middle of the roomful of people (or face up if that was my choice), “presenting” whatever bodyRead more …