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Hello again from Nawlins!

Our first stop on our first day, and our last stop on our last full day.

Okay, okay, we’re actually home, but I have to post these pics from the rest of my New Orleans trip. We had such fun! It made the 12 hour days working at the end worth it.

We rented a car for the first half of the trip, before my work conference started, after all, which I was very glad for, because it meant that we didn’t have to waste time trying to navigate the bus/trolley system. It also meant we could range further afield than we might have otherwise.

The day after my Scavenger Hunt, we went back to City Park, 1,300 acres of Spanish moss-draped oaks and walking trails. I went for a run and Ad drank coffee and waited for my sweaty butt to get back to him at a little cafe there.

City Park

Unfortunately they only serve beignets for breakfast, which I am not fond of (also running had worked up a voracious appetite in me) so we consulted Google Maps: “Find me a coffee shop nearby” and ended up at this little hole-in-the-wall called Wakin’ Bakin’. So yummy! (What did people do before the internet and GPS’s and the little lady in my phone that tells me where to go??)

Here’s one thing they did: explored the swamp. Our next adventure was a kayak tour of the Manchac Swamp.

(Wait, a digression: check this out: The Curse of Julia Brown, Voodoo Priestess of the Manchac Swamp. Our guide didn’t talk about that. Wish I’d known about it before we went!)

Anyway, here we are…

It was so much better than an airboat ride, though it was some bit of sweaty work, a fact that would come back to haunt me that evening when my back decided it had had enough of everything and left me hobbling around painfully. But it was worth it!

That night, though we had planned to range a little farther afield, we went to a little restaurant close by our place in the Garden District and sat on the patio watching the streetcars go by and eating seafood gumbo, crawfish Étouffée and other local fare that, frankly, I can’t remember anymore. What I do remember is wanting to head down to Frenchman Street on the streetcar to listen to some live music – and to try to score another Scavenger Hunt. But the streetcar was full and wasn’t in the right direction, and my back was being a cunty bitch, so instead we ended up near the French Quarter at a restaurant that had a Cajun band playing (I wasn’t going to let my back cheat me out of at least some music.)

We picked up my co-worker on the way, who had arrived that afternoon and I knew was all by his lonesome and would enjoy some company and the music. We all did, and he did even more when a gentleman came up to ask me to dance, and when I demurred because of my back, he sat down and talked music with my co-worker. Co-worker is a musician, and based on the dancehall man’s advice, he found some interesting, off-the-beaten-path bars to go to in the coming nights. But boy howdy I wish I could cut a rug like those folks were doing that night!


Speaking of music, it really is everywhere you go. Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of it is “touristy” – but I still love it all, every bit of it. Wandering down a street and following the music from one corner to the next, which we did for a good part of the next day, wandering through the French Quarter to a jazz brunch at the Court of the Two Sisters (expensive but worth it for the ambiance at least once in a person’s life), then over the Jackson Square and eventually, after procuring the ubiquitous Hurricanes, we ended up at the French Market.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy poly moment: there was a guy in the Market that makes journals with handmade paper and paints depictions of New Orleans on the front covers. My new guy (who I will tell ya’ll more about soon) writes in what he calls a “daybook” every day. At first I passed the journal-maker by, looking for something else for L, but just when I decided to go back and get one, I got a text message that my office needed me ASAP. So we bolted back to the hotel – and I was without a gift and out of time to get one (the next 3 days would be nothing but work.) So the next day, Adam went down and bought the journal I had admired for my new guy! It was incredibly thoughtful of him.

Anyhow, on to more Nola…

My favorite night was one that I was supposed to attend a work function, but begged off (it was optional) and went out with Ad instead. We were without a car, but we have feet, and bus/trolley passes, so we hoofed and bussed and trolleyed up to Magazine Street, where we ended up at The Rum House again.


Afterwards we took a walk through what I think is part of the Garden District, until we caught the streetcar towards the hotel. It was such a warm, lovely night, and so quiet away from the French Quarter! It was a little bit magical, and Ad’s willingness to just let me wander and explore, to enjoy the quiet places with me as well as the raucous ones, reminded me once again of why I fell in love with him. We just travel so well together.

And yes, I did get my Scavenger Hunt!


  1. Drew

    what a great post! I’ve never been to NOLA, and I really think you captured the experience well. Thankyou.


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