Sinful in Nola

As part of the game V set up for me for while we are apart, he gave me a number of tasks/activities that I could complete – all completely voluntary – but when completed, would earn me points towards rewards when he returns. One of them was this:

Get spanked by a person of your choice for a written and read out loud confession of some transgression real or imagined.

The “deliverable” for this was a write-up of the experience, and/or a video, if possible, of at least the confession.

The place we’re in gave me an opportunity to complete this task in spectacular fashion, as it actually has the door to a confessional booth as part of a wall.

The grate through which one speaks opens to the shower room behind, another lovely touch.

On this day, though, the door had Adam behind it, ready to hear my confession.

One of the things that I love about my dynamic with Adam is that he loves to play sidekick and instigator to whomever is holding my leash. He did it when he and my ex played with me, he mastered the role when W and I were together, and he is starting to find his comfort level with V’s and my dynamic, and his place in it, at last.

This kind of play was made for him. And, well, for me too. I have a lot of naughtiness to confess!

I did manage to make a video of my confession, and of my penance afterwards, but unfortunately, I can’t upload a video here, so a couple image captures will have to do.


The Confession.

The Penance.


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  1. Aurora Glory

    Wow I loved reading this. It sounds like you have such fun relationships! I hope you enjoyed your spanking. The images certainly look like it was enjoyable!
    Aurora x

  2. Molly

    What a fabulous space that is… and I love the picture of Adam looking through the grate but the really wow image for me is the last one of him spanking you. The light in it is stunning and the way the beam hides him just adds an intriguing element to the image


  3. Jaime

    That looked like a lot of fun. And in the penance photo, I like the way the angle of his body is enough to tell what kind of penance you’re paying!

    Lovely pictures!


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