Hello from the Big Easy

Guess where we are!

A work conference has brought me to New Orleans. The Bear and I are AirBnB-ing it for a couple days before we must decamp to the conference hotel and I have to put in a couple two or three 12-hour days, endure cocktail parties and an awards banquet, and oh yeah, pretend to be vanilla. My job is the one space in my life where I am not completely out, though I am making inroads on the poly front.

I’m excited to be exploring a new city with Ad. We’ve both been here before – me most recently for a weekend-long swinger party with W – but that was a lifetime ago. This trip is so far removed from that that it might have happened to a different person. So Ad and I are exploring it afresh, and making it our own.

This guidebook was left on the table for us by our host.

The bunnymen refers to these two atop our building:

It’s even a Pokestop! How perfect is that?

This is the rest of our charming, whimsical abode…

I’m half in love with our little home-away-from-home, though New Orleans is still strange and alien to me. It has a decayed elegance, like an aging courtesan, lounging seductively in her frayed and tattered petticoats; but like that woman, there is a ripeness, a surfeit of life – however slowly it moves – to this place. I may come to love it.

While we are here, V is on vacation with his family at Disneyworld and on a Disney cruise. I am just now struck by the juxtaposition of our two experiences these five days (he is gone an additional five as well.) As much as I love my children, I am so glad that I am here and not there; that I am well past that stage of my life. It is strange to be dating someone who IS there, though.

Somewhat oddly, I realized as we disembarked from the plane, that I am glad he is vacationing as well. He could not have made this trip with me, and if he had been home, I would have probably pined for him, wishing he was with me. This way, I can focus on being present with Adam, something I don’t do often enough. Present in this place without texting, talking to, Facebooking or chatting with him. Still, I miss his presence in my days terribly, and can’t wait until he gets back and we can resume our normal communications.

True to his and my carnal natures, though (and as a way to keep me engaged and not moping about while he is gone) he left me with special instructions and a game to play. Hopefully I will have some fun things to share here later!

In the meantime, I leave you with a new Scavenger Hunt that we happened upon accidentally, while exploring City Park. There is an old stadium, “not for public use” in the park.

I don’t think they meant it wasn’t for this kind of use, do you?

The vanilla version.

The naughty one.

It’s New Orleans! I’ve got to be a little naughty!


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