Spring Showers

It’s been awhile since Adam and I have gone on a ramble, but with the advent of spring (it’s here, it’s here!) I’ve been thinking about the outdoors more, and about how I want to spend my time. Right now a lot of it is spent cooped up in front of the computer, doing homework; additional time just recently is spent in getting our city house ready for me and a friend to move into (and Adam part-time), but with the sunshine I know will come my wanderlust, and I’ll be off exploring again, as often as not with Adam in tow. He’s so very accommodating that way.

So anyway, I haven’t been out and about much yet, but I got to thinking about some of our rambles last year, and ran across these pictures.

What a fun day this was! It was one of those wonderful spring days that couldn’t decide if it wanted to be rainy or sunny – we had both in equal measure. And though it was raining when we got to the deserted railroad crossing sign, I was determined to score it for a Scavenger Hunt. And I just happened to have this wonderful, theatrical umbrella in the car. (Oddly enough, though I seldom use them, I have an wide assortment of umbrellas. This has always been my favorite.)


I tried to be coy at first, just slipping a hint of a nipple through my crocheted sweater…


But I realized that was a lost cause – my little nipples never had a chance of being seen.

And of course Adam was egging me on, laughing the whole time as rain started to fall: “Hurry up, I’m getting wet! Get those titties out!” So I went for it.


And here’s my handsome, patient, always-willing cameraman, being the trooper he is.

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