I know , I know… but… pretties!

Not socks. I know. Okay? I KNOW! But…

I have pretties again. See them? Peeking out? Two delicate little beads of lavender, another winking fire opal further down…

Pretty piercings.  All me. Mine.

And fishnets, so, almost socks. Right?


Febraury Photofest


  1. Sam

    very hot! Wondering if you could help me? I am the reader that requested the ball tie here: http://kinkandpoly.com/blog/2014/05/picture-request-stripped-tied-part-2/
    when you originally posted i subscribed to bondage demons and downloaded the photos, however i seem to have lost them since. Bondage demons seems to have closed down now otherwise i’d just resubscribe, I’m wondering if you have the original photos and could send them to me (i’d even be willing to pay a small fee)? I loved that you were able to do the request, and now looking back at it, and what you wrote about it in your post, turns me on so much. thank you so much for continuing to produce amazing blog posts

    1. Jade Post author

      Hi Sam, Bondage Demons has been closed, yes. Warren (owner of the site) passed away 2 years ago, and his family eradicated all traces of his kink life, so I can’t help you with the images, I’m sorry!


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