February Photofest

It’s that time of year again, when Molly hosts her photo-a-day February Photofest extravaganza on her blog. I have played along in years past with varying degrees of success (well, I’ve not ever been able to follow through to the finish) so I’m not sure why I’m trying now, except well hell…it’s what I do. Jump in and hope I figure out how to swim, right?

Anyway, I especially should not be doing this now, as I have an exam coming up Monday already, and I said fuck-all to studying tonight and turtled in bed instead because of reasons, but…here I am.

So. Viper has a thing for socks, in particular stripey ones, and I have a thing for Viper, so I’ve decided to attempt a sock (stripey sock if I can manage it) theme for the month’s photos. That mark there on my thigh is from a toy I bought him last year while I was away at an event. It’s called The Viper, and leaves that lovely V mark. Had to buy it, right?

Click the image below to see who all is joining in the Photo fun!

Febraury Photofest


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